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Nita Strauss: “I don’t know anything about PINK FLOYD”

Nita Strauss reveals his thoughts about the PINK FLOYD band. She also points out that Alice Cooper makes fun of her in the crew.

We know her from Alice Cooper touring guitarist one of the most-known female guitarists in the world. Also, Nita Strauss is the first female to have her own signature model Ibanez. And, this signature guitar including two new models that were revealed earlier this year.

Currently, she is working on her second solo album that already finished and coming in 2021.

During an interview with Rob’s School of Music, Nita Strauss said about PINK FLOYD and THE WHO:

“I don’t know anything about PINK FLOYD. No, nothing. Alice makes fun of me, everybody makes fun of me, but I don’t know anything about Pink Floyd, no.

Then Nita Strauss added:

I am aware, yes, I’ve been told. I have a lot going on. I was on-stage with Alice – and we don’t rehearse, we just do long soundchecks for a couple of days before the tour, and this is even before we’re starting a new tour. We hang out on-stage, but we don’t ever do formal rehearsals. I’ve never done it once with him.

So we were getting ready for a tour sometime in 2016-2017, and we were gonna do ‘My Generation,’ I think, by The Who, I can’t remember… No… I can’t remember – it was a different song. They said at the last second, ‘We wanna do ‘Pinball Wizard.” I was like, ‘Great – that sounds great.’ And they were like, ‘OK, let’s start out.’ I was like, ‘I need to learn it!’

‘What do you mean, you need to learn it?! Haven’t you seen the thing…’ ‘No… What are you guys talking about?’ And they all had this big grand reference, this big discussion going on about ‘Tommy,’ which I still have not seen. And they’re like, ‘You haven’t seen that?’ And the same thing with ‘The Wall,’ ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and all this stuff – this whole frame of reference that, playing in a classic-rock band, I do not have.

And it’s like being the only one that wasn’t invited to the party. And Alice was so horrified, I thought he was gonna send me home, like, ‘Go home! Go to your room and watch ‘Tommy’ right now!’ But he was like, ‘Who even are you to be standing here with me, telling me that you don’t know this incredibly important piece of music history?'”

You can also order Nita Strauss – ‘Controlled Chaos‘ album here.

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