Nita Strauss talks about her second solo album finished

Nita Strauss just talks about her second solo album has finished. She also reveals this album release date and more details.

Alice Cooper touring guitarist one of the most famous female guitarist new album is coming soon. Strauss is the first female to have her own signature model Ibanez (the JIVA). That guitar including two new models that were unveiled earlier this year. However, she also interviews with Guitar World the progress of the songwriting and recording sessions for her second solo album. Strauss’s upcoming disc, which is tentatively due in late 2020, will be the follow-up to her first solo LP, “Controlled Chaos”.

Alice Cooper tour guitarist Nita Strauss answered: “What was the genesis behind Rock Guitar Fundamentals?” that question and replied:

“I love doing my clinics and have had so many requests for lessons via Skype and in person. There was no way to fit it all into my schedule but I thought how cool it would be to put something together that took all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years playing guitar and putting it into the same lesson format I learned from.”

Then she also answered this question: “Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?”

“Now that the course is out I’m devoting my attention to the follow up to Controlled Chaos. I’ve got seven songs finished and there’s four more that I want to do. A few of the songs will feature guest vocals, which is really exciting.”

Nita Strauss and Alice Cooper also playing with together since 2014.

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