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Corey Taylor: “Slipknot fans would say, I probably wouldn’t have recorded CMFT”

Corey Taylor reveals his thoughts about his latest “CMFT” album. He also talks about the relationship between SLIPKNOT fans, partying sober, mask-rejecting, and the fun of working in a porn shop.

Taylor’s latest “CMFT” album released on October 2nd, 2020 via Roadrunner Records. CMFT also means (Corey Mother-Fucking Taylor) and a kinda mix of 80s hard rock, glam rock, rap, and other genres. This album so different from SLIPKNOT‘s “We Are Not Your Kind,” also released last year.

For this album, he also works with Christian Martucci (guitar), Zach Throne (guitar), Jason Christopher (bass), and Dustin Robert (drums) on the record session.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Corey Taylor reveals his thoughts about the relationship between the SLIPKNOT fans and more:

He answered this question, “Not all Slipknot fans will like it. Does that bother you?”:

“I don’t care really. I wanted to make an album that represents me. I’m a forty-six-year-old dude who’s been doing this for over twenty years. So if people younger than me like it, I’ll love it. If not, fair enough. If I had gone into this worrying about what Slipknot fans would say, I probably wouldn’t have recorded it.”

He also answered his sober years and CMFT album style: 

“The people. I am really blessed with having friends who I’ve had for going on decades, and we’re all the biggest dorks on the planet. I’ve hit that cool point in my sobriety where it doesn’t really bother me when people drink around me, because I know they’re not going to get completely loaded and jump through my window.”

Corey Taylor also reveals he worked in a porn shop in his early/mid-twenties:

“I learned that my aunt didn’t realize I was working there! She came walking in at twelve-thirty, I was by the counter, and I’d never seen the color drain from someone’s face until that moment. She was all: “Oh, I’m lost, er….” It’s Des Moines. If you get lost in Des Moines there’s no hope for you. I have gotta be honest, man, it was the most fun job I ever had. I keep threatening to write a book about my experiences there.

You think there are freaks in LA? Try being a closeted crazy person in Des Moines, Iowa at that time. There was a lot of crazy shit going on, and they all came to my shop… But that was a good time to be alive.”

You can also order the “CMFT” album here. And watch Corey Taylor‘s “Samantha’s Gone” performance below!

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  1. Corey taylor is amazing and very talented musician….granted he first came into my life with his music thru Slipknot but I very quickly became a fan of corey taylor himself as one…..to me he could sing the wheels on the bus and I would buy it….and I’m younger I was 10 when I my brother take me to a Slipknot show….so no matter what if your a true fan of corey you will support him thru any type of music he desired to release to us be grateful…. most great musician such as himself die before they even hit 40. Just saying….I’m fan till the end and thank you.

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