Dio’s Holy Diver Album Becomes A Comic Book, What Is The Meaning of the ‘Holy Diver’ Cover?

One of the most successful heavy metal artists of all time Ronnie James Dio came up with a ‘Holy Diver’ album cover. It’s comic book news. Also, metal music is about album covers.

Unfortunately, Dio passed away in 2010 because of cancer. He left dozens of legacies and controversial album covers. While listening to his legendary ‘Holy Diver‘ album, it was impossible not to be impressed by the cover art. So is there an explanation for these album covers?

What is the ‘Holy Diver’ Album Cover Meaning?

“There’s a truth that’s hard as steel, yeah”

When we look at Dio‘s discography, we see that most album covers are fantasy, medieval, gothic works. They look as if they came out of the ‘Silmarillion’, a Tolkien book.
For years, metalheads have been intensely researched and debated on these album covers. It is clear that there is a similar giant devil figure on similar covers. However, there was never a clear story.

In fact, this was a kind of rebellion. Most album covers used in the 80s were about “cool” poses featuring artists. But Dio wanted to try something different, and he actually succeeded. Using fantastic and illustrated album covers became a fashion under his leadership.
Dio tells the story of these covers in an interview with: That’s because I think you should give people value for money, and I don’t think value for money is a picture of guys with puffed-up hair on an album cover.”

Dio thought it would be egotistical to use his own photo on album covers, he chose a different path, and that path has now revolutionized. Dio’s wife gave the idea for the Holy Diver cover:  an illustration of a priest being drowned by a red-eyed demon.

But it had to be a story because Dio used this figure in many albums.

And the album covers really meant deep. At least for the metalheads.

Dio's Holy Diver Album Cover

‘Holy Diver’ become a comic book by Z2 Comics

Dio Estate has signed up with Z2 Comics for this comic book.

Z2 Comics began working with the metalheads to solve the mystery of Dio’s album covers and turn them into a comic book. The comic will be 120 pages long and will deal entirely with the story of the ‘Holy Diver’ album cover. Who are the figures in the picture? Which is the Villain? Who is the pastor drowning in the water What does the devil figure represent? Z2 Comics will try to find answers to these questions.

When is the ‘Holy Diver’ comic book release date?

There is no official information at the moment. However, it is expected to be released in the last months of 2021.

You can listen to the ‘Holy Diver’ song below;


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