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Arctic Monkeys

There is no doubt about it, fans have a tendency to love music from British rock band Arctic Monkeys. Originating from Sheffield, England, they debuted in 2002. That makes them one of the more recent bands to come along, especially when compared to acts that have been around since the 1960s or 70s.

The band consists of Alex Turner, Nick O’Malley, Matt Helders and Jamie Cook. Another band member, Andy Nicholson, left the band shortly after they finished their first album in 2006. To date, the band has produced six studio albums. Like everyone else, some are better than others. However, not everyone agrees on the exact order in which they should be ranked.

Here, you can find them ranked from number six to number one, with YouTube links for each one. However, it is important to remember that your favorite may be at the top of the list or it may have landed closer to the bottom. That’s the beauty of art in all forms. It is subjective. Now, to get on with the list.

6. AM (2013)

This is the band’s fifth studio album, released on Domino Records. The release date was the 9th of September, 2013. It features several different genres, including psychedelic rock, blues rock, indie rock and hard rock. It was recorded at Vox in Los Angeles as well as Sage and Sound, also in Los Angeles. The remainder of the album was recorded at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree. The album received the NME award for best album as well as the British award for the MasterCard British Album of the Year. It includes songs like “One for the Road” and “Do I Want to Know.”

5. Suck It and See (2011)

This was the fourth studio album, released on the 6th of June, 2011. Again, Domino Recording Company was responsible for its release. Produced by James Ford, it was an album that featured all kinds of music including alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock and additional pop music. The album was recorded at Sound City in Los Angeles.

One of the things that makes this album unique is that it was produced using an overwhelming number of live takes. Many people believe this is because the album’s producer, James Ford, was vehemently opposed to dubbing anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. The album includes many of the band’s more popular songs like “Brick by Brick” and “She’s Thunderstorms.”

4. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (2018)

This is the sixth studio album for the band. This time, the album was released in May, on the 11th. However, James Ford still produced the album, this time along with Alex Turner, one of the band’s members. At roughly 40 minutes in length, this album features glam rock and lounge music along with space age pop. That’s quite a departure from the type of music that the band normally recorded.

As it turns out, the album wasn’t only co-produced by the band’s frontman, Alex Turner, but also written by him. He wrote the album in his Los Angeles home while sitting in front of his piano. The album was recorded at various studios including Lunar Surface and Vox, both in Los Angeles, as well as studios in both Paris and London. Two of the album’s main songs include “One Point Perspective” and “Star Treatment.”

3. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)

This was the band’s first studio album. It was released on the 23rd of January under Domino Recording Company’s label. Fans in the United States had to wait almost a month to get it, as it wasn’t released until the 21st of February there. Again, this album is just over 40 minutes in length and it features a wide range of genres of music. Those included garage rock revival, alternative rock, post-punk revival, indie rock and punk rock. The album was recorded in the band’s hometown of Sheffield, as well as in Lincolnshire. Shortly after the album was released, one of the band members, Andy Nicholson, decided to part ways with the rest of the band, despite their burgeoning success.

2. Humbug (2009)

In the band’s third studio album which was released on the 19th of August, the sound started to change ever so slightly. The band had actually begun to write new material for this particular album the previous summer. The album was finished by the spring of 2009 and spent the rest of the time in post-production before it was released at the end of the summer.

It’s just over 39 minutes long and it involves psychedelic rock, alternative rock, garage rock, post-punk revival, post punk rock and indie rock. It was produced by Josh Homme and James Ford. The band traveled to a wide variety of different studios in order to record the album. Those locations include Mission Sound in Brooklyn, Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California and last but not least, Pink Duck in Burbank, California. This ended up being one of the band’s most popular albums ever produced. Some of the songs on it include “Praying Lightning,” “Dangerous Animals” and “My Propeller.”

1. Favourite Worst Nightmare (2007)

This is an immensely popular album, one that almost all fans of the band absolutely love. It was in fact their second studio album and it was released on the 18th of April. Like every other album before it, Domino Recording Company served as the label for the album. True to form, the album includes genres such as garage rock, indie rock, post-punk revival, psychedelic rock and alternative rock.

At just over 37 minutes in length, it’s not their longest album but it’s also not significantly shorter than many of the other albums produced by the band. Once again, James Ford was responsible for producing it, this time along with Mike Crossey. The album was recorded at a number of studios in London, including Miloco Garden and Konk. A portion of the album was also recorded at the Motor Museum in Liverpool. Two of the major songs on the album include “Teddy Picker” and “Brainstorm.” The latter song was released two days before the album itself.

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