The 10 Best Sara Evans Songs of All-Time

Sara Evans

Sara Evans was born on February 5, 1971, in Boonville, Missouri. During her youth, she was part of a family band. In fact, she was the lead singer. At eight years old, she was involved in a devastating accident. While confined to a wheelchair, she decided she wanted to be a singer. At sixteen, she started performing at a club and moved to Nashville four years later.

Her first country music album was “Three Chords and the Truth,” which gave her the first taste of fame. However, it was her second able that paved the pathway to many hits that followed. This was also when she started collaborating with Vince Gill. ON her third album, “Born to Fly,” she continued to evolve as a singer. Three singles dropped, and the album went platinum.

That year, she received multiple CMA nominations and won her first awards. Two years later, she released “Restless.” This album didn’t reach the acclaim of her others but still sold well. She took a five-year break after a messy divorce. Although she was about to compete on Dancing With The Stars, she declined to deal with the reproductions of her divorce.

Several years later, she married former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker. Over the years, she released many additional albums and amassed a considerable fan base. These are the 10 Best Sara Evans Songs of All-Time.

10. Suds In The Bucket

Sometimes we just want to leave our life behind and find adventure. In this song, Evans explores the relationship between a woman who leaves a small town where she feels trapped and moves to Las Vegas with her boyfriend. It’s the third single from her album “Restless.” It reached #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart in 2004.

9. If I Run

The inspiration for this song was Evans’ father. Karyn Rochelle and Shane Stevens co-wrote the song. Much of the music is the singer reflecting on childhood memories. She also addresses a serious issue that feeling like her father didn’t notice her as a child made her seek unhealthy relationships as an adult. Many women can identify with the song because we often wish for a guy who treats us like we deserve instead of someone who uses us.

8. Letting Go

This song has the same title and theme as Suzy Boggus’ song. When Evan’s son left for college, she felt sad because it seemed like he grew up too fast. As the lyrics progress, Evans reflects on many childhood memories she shared with her son and how they will never happen again. There are also words of wisdom for her son to pause before he speaks rashly. Evans said, “he deserves everything he’s dreaming of and more.”

7. Put My Heart Down

According to Taste of Country, this is Sarah Evans at her best. In the song, she showcases her voice and way with lyrics that will stay with you. It’s also a crossover song that helped her find a new audience while still perfect for her fans. Unfortunately, the song is a heavy message about love that you have to let go of because it’s unhealthy. It is the second single from her seventh album, “slow me down.” Once again, Evans writes a song that helps empower women to leave something that they’ve outgrown.

6. Born to Fly

One of the things the artist likes to do in her music celebrates her upbringing. Through the lyrics, she reminisces about what it was like to grow up on a farm. The title track was her second number one hit.

5. I Could Not Ask for More

Edwin McCain originally recorded this song on his sophomore album. Then, Evans added it as a track on her 2000 album “Born to Fly.” It’s a great song to play for Thanksgiving because it reminds you to be thankful for each person and thing in your life. Diane Warren wrote the song. This song cemented Evans’ place as a crossover singer.

4. Can’t Stop Loving You Featuring Issac Slade

The singer created a fantastic cross-over hit on this song, teaming up with The Fray’s frontman. According to Got Country Online, When Evans went on Teri Clark’s NASH-FM America’s Morning Show, Clark proclaimed she wanted to start a Bra Country movement to rival Bro country. After reading one of her tweets, Sheryl Crow started reposting it, and it started taking off. The song is written by Victoria Banks, Phil Barton, and Emily Shackelton.

3. A Little Bit Stronger

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum co-wrote this song with Evans. It was the week after she went through a breakup. In 2010, it was the lead single on her album “Stronger” and her fifth number one hit. Additionally, it was the first time one of the singer’s songs went platinum. Writing songs after a bad breakup is usually cathartic. In this song, Evans explores the top without sounding melancholy. It’s impressive that after such a little while after the breakup, she could pick herself up and feel like things will get better.

2. Stone Cold

Once again, Evans collaborated with Vince Gill. The song is straight upcountry. Additionally, it goes back to her roots since this is similar to the style she first learned to sing. When she recorded it, she felt Gill’s duet was identical to those he’d done with Patty Loveless. Remember the phrase, if you love him, let him go? In the lyrics of this song, she sings about someone whose leaving a woman in a relationship and the power behind letting him go.

1. No Place That Far

This was Evans’ first hit song, released on March 6, 1999. Country music legend Vince Gill sang harmony and appeared on the video. Tony Martin and Tom Shapiro co-wrote it, and it became her first hit nominated for an award, Vocal Event of the Year.

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