Ranking The 10 Best Songs from The Easy A Soundtrack

Easy A

One of the best romantic comedies upto date has to be Easy A. Easy A film is an American teen romantic comedy released in September 2010. The comedy is a sparkling moral tale about a small lie that ramifies out of control. A high school girl Olive Penderghast tells her best friend about a boring weekend she had and goes ahead to lie about losing her virginity. Her best friend Rhiannon Abernathy spends the rumors at school, generating the school’s attention towards Olive Penderghast, and is reputed and regarded as a “dirty skank.” Olive Penderghast’s name is tarnished, and the school’s church group counsels her, hoping to change her behavior. Arguably, Easy A was a commercial success and is the best teen comedy that comes on both sassy and cute. Here are the ten best songs from Easy A Soundtrack.

10. Change of Seasons – Sweet Thing


This track was released by Canadian rock band, Sweet Thing in January 2010. The band Sweet Thing is best known for the song “Change of Season” since it was their best-selling song that brought the band to the limelight. Critics positively received the track, and it’s being featured in the American comedy Easy A brought it to popularity.

9. Move Shake Drop – DJ Laz ft Flo Rida, Casely and Pitbull


This remix and pop dance track is a song by DJ Laz featuring contemporary pop artists Flo Rida, Casely, and Pitbull who adds an extra element to the track. The song’s beats and guitar riffs are amazing, and they would make one shake and shimmy. “Move Shake Drop” was the best-selling song on US Billboard Hot 100 songs, emerging at fifty-six. It’s a beautiful, well-put-together song.

8. Don’t Cha – Pussycats Dolls


Originally, this R&B song was recorded and released in 2004 by backing vocalist Tori Alamaze. Later in 2005, the American troupe dance group the Pussycats Dolls re-recorded the song featuring Busta Rhymes. They added an extra element to the song and received positive reviews from critics. The song was a commercial success and became Pussycats Dolls’ highest charting song as it emerged number one on Pop 100 and Hot Dance Club Play charts. Subsequently, it emerged number two on US Billboard Hot 100. It is a great track with a catchy rhythm.

7. Good Life – OneRepublic


This standout track was written by American pop rock band OneRepublic and released in November 2009. “Good Life” generated instant attention due to increased usage in various advertisements, films, and television series. The song was a monumental success as it sold over two million copies in the US and emerged number eight on US Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, the song is full of energy; anyone would resonate with it as it talks of enjoying a good life for a moment while it lasts.

6. Symphonies – Dan Black


The song was released as the first single from Dan Black’s debut album, UN, in July 2009. This song is a beautiful ballad that features samples of drum beats from Rihanna’s song, Umbrella. The track instrumentation was used in a Virgin Media Advertisement. Critics positively received the music as the video has many scenes from factional movie trailers.

5. Numba 1 (Tide Is High) – Kardinal Offishall


The song “Numba 1 (Tide Is High)”was written by Kardinal Offishall and was released in 2008. Kardinal Offishall finds himself in a love entanglement with a girl who wants to be his wife. The girl declares her love for him; however, Kardinal Offishall is hesitant.

4. 15 Minutes – The Yeah You’s


The song was written by a British group, The Yeah You’s, released in June 2009. Lyrically, the song talks about one desiring to be famous for 15 minutes and return to ordinary life. Continuous tells how becoming a superstar is a rocky road, and one tends to forget themselves when becoming a superstar. The song was a commercial success peaking at number thirty on the UK Singles Chart.

3. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds


“Don’t You (Forget About Me)” was written by Scottish rock band Simple Minds and released in February 1985. This ballad was a success as it had over 200 million views on youtube, gave the international brand recognition, and emerged top on US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s instrumentation is built around the beautiful piano melody and guitar riffs, making it catchy and full of energy. This song was featured in the American comedy Easy A and another film, The Breakfast Club.

2. Trouble is a Friend – Lenka


“Trouble is a Friend” is a song by Lenka released in September 2009. The music video is captivating as Lenka is seen making her way to the screen, and her dress and background change randomly at the start of the verses. The song is about self-awareness of every decision you make in life because trouble and consequences are everywhere.

1. Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield


The song “Pocketful of Sunshine” was written by Natasha Bedingfield and released in January 2005. Lyrically, the song is about escaping one’s trouble and finding refuge and has a catchy “ take me away” chorus that would blow your mind, making it a beautiful masterpiece. The track is one of the best-selling singles of Natasha Bedingfield and was charted number five on US Billboard Hot 100 and certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Additionally, it was featured in the American teen romantic comedy the Easy A and other movies and television series such as The Next Generation, The Ugly Truth, and Degrassi.

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