Ranking The 10 Best Songs from The Drumline Soundtrack


The 2002 American film, Drumline is a great display of the joy, heart and passion of American marching bands. If you want a movie that can influence your kids to join the local school band, then Drumline is worth its weight in gold. Apart from some great movie soundtracks, this movie has an interesting plot that will keep you glued till the end. The movie revolves around Devon ( Nick Cannon) who is such a great drummer that he is recruited by the most popular bands in Harlem and Atlanta. At one point during the movie, Devon upstages his section leader infront of thousands of screaming fans. The movie portrays Devon as quite the hotshot although his overconfidence and at times cockiness gradually results in him drumming his way out of the band. As the movie progresses, Devon also continues to grow and he is able to learn from his past mistakes which ultimately results in him reconciling with some of his enemies. Our latest article on the top ten songs from the Drumline soundtrack features some great tunes including one from Alicia Keys and a magnificent collaboration that sees Joe team up with Jadakiss. The entire track contains sixty seven songs. This article will try to rank ten of the best. Here is our ranking of all the top ten songs in the Drumline soundtrack.

10. In The Stone – Earth, Wind & Fire


Starting us off at number ten is a song which seems like a rite of passage for every band that has come of age. “In the Stone” was released in 1979 from the group’s 1979 album, I Am. The song peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot Soul Songs and is one of the best songs to play on a trumpet.

9. Can You Feel It – The Jacksons


This song was recorded in 1980 as the third song from The Jacksons album, Triumph. The song is performed by A&T Marching Band on a narrow street and you can help but love how the band performs the song. The Jacksons version of the song was quite a hit, peaking at #77 on the pop charts and #30 on the US R&B Charts. The song reached #6 in Britain, and number two in the Netherlands charts.

8. Waiting For Tonight – Maria Christensen


This song was originally recorded by Maria Christensen’s girl group, 3rd Party in 1997 for their debut studio album before Jeniffer Lopez popularized it two years later for her debut studio album too. In the movie, the song is performed by Clark Atlantic University Marching Band and if you watch the performance you cannot deny the fact that the song deserves a place on our ranking.

7. Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love) – JC Chasez


“Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love) is one of those great debut songs from an artist that anyone will fall in love with. When his band, NSYNC went on a hiatus, JC Chasez continued to work as a songwriter and at some point, he considered starring in movies. This song is contained in his debut album, Schizophrenic. The song follows the movie’s theme song and it features some incredible drum beats and lots of rhythmic band instruments at play.

6. My Own Thing – Raheem Devaughn


This song was composed by Raheem Devaughn alongside Clarence Williams, Bob Terry, Cliff Jones, and Jerry Vines. Raheem Devaughn’s vocal strengths are on full display on the song and the beats are quite catchy. Among all the songs on the entire soundtrack, the inclusion of this song on the soundtrack was quite surprising.

5. Uh Oh – Monica


Over the course of his career, Monica has released some iconic tunes but most people don’t know that one of them appeared in the Drumline soundtrack. This song was written by Dallas Austin who initially offered the song to Kandi. However, Monica took it and made it massive.

4. Butterflyz (Krucialkeyz Remix) – Alicia Keys


Coming in at number four on our countdown of the top ten songs on the Drumline soundtrack is the song “Butterflyz” which was produced by Kerry “Krucial” Brothers in 2002. The song contains some lovely lyrics about a woman expressing her feelings to a guy she loves.

3. I Want a Girl Like You – Jadakiss, Joe


Joe is well known for his love songs and this song which is also contained in the Drumline soundtrack, he stuck to his usual script. In the song he teams up with New York rapper Jadakiss in one of my favorite songs on the entire soundtrack. When this song was released in 202, it got a lot of air play on MTV and you can tell why. Joe’s vocals are off the hook and Jadakiss’s rap verses are so cool.

2. Been Away – Jermaine Dupri, Q “The Kid”


Missing out narrowly on top spot is the song, “Been Away.” Whenever I listen to this song, I can play out specific movie scenes of the movie in my mind. The song sees Jermaine Dupri team up with Q “The Kid” who were at the peak of their powers when this song was released.

1. I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly



The number one song on our countdown of the greatest songs on the Drumline soundtrack is also the most popular song on the entire soundtrack. “I Believe I Can Fly” is one of the most inspirational songs that disgraced singer R. Kelly ever recorded. Every time I hear this song on the movie, I normally pause it then go and listen to the R. Kelly version which make the watching the movie quite inspiring.

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