The 10 Best CupcakKe Songs of All-Time

If you hear someone talking about an American rapper by the name of Elizabeth Eden Harris, you might not immediately know who they are referring to. That’s because she is much more recognizable by her stage name, CupcakKe. She has a tendency to get the audience’s attention by dressing up as different personas, many of them quite sexual in nature.

That being said, she also uses her platform (and her music) to bring attention to some of the most important topics of today’s society. She’s no stranger to the struggles many females face in a world driven by the male ego. By the same token, she routinely brings up topics such as LQBTQ+ rights and autism awareness.

Below are 10 of CupcakKe’s best songs, ranked from number 10 to number one. Happy listening!

10. Blackjack (2018)

As previously mentioned, this particular artist has a tendency to be quite provocative at times, especially when it comes to using that provocation in a sexual manner.

Blackjack is exactly this type of song. On the surface, it appears to be about the card game by the same name. In reality, it’s actually about different sexual acts and the fact that the person telling the story has more or less experienced anything and everything that one could imagine.

9. Discounts (2020)

The lyrics to this song discuss the way that she views some other young individuals within her own culture. You might think that it would be a song that celebrates that culture, but that isn’t what the lyrics here are all about. Instead, it’s a song about being frustrated.

She sees people that are the same age as her who were brought up in the same neighborhood, doing things that aren’t going to get them anywhere in life (except into financial and legal trouble). She sings about how much that frustrates her and how she doesn’t understand why people put themselves into those types of situations to begin with.

8. Duck Duck Goose (2018)

This is another one of those songs that are all about the physical act of having sex. The lyrics in the song completely throw away anything that could be potentially meaningful about the act of making love.

Instead, the lyrics suggest that it’s nothing more than some type of primal need that must be fulfilled in any way possible. On the back side of things, it’s also a song that discusses female empowerment by emphasizing the fact that the woman is in charge of this particular act throughout the lyrics.

It’s basically a way of using sex to indicate that women don’t have to be meek and mild, following along behind the man and doing whatever they’re told.

7. Grilling Ni**as (2019)

In an odd way, this is also a song about female empowerment. It isn’t terribly obvious at first because the majority of the lyrics are highly critical of women in Black Culture.

However, the lyrics eventually go on to describe the fact that this criticism comes from a position of not understanding why people don’t take charge of their own lives. In short, it’s a song about people who let others control them as opposed to deciding what they want out of life and going after it.

6. Lgbt (2016)

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a song about empowering those who don’t identify as cisgender, straight individuals. The lyrics discuss some of the frustrations that individuals in this community often feel as a direct result of not being accepted by others who aren’t part of the community itself. At its core, it is a song about learning to love who you are regardless of what other people say.

5. CPR (2017)

If you think this is a song about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, think again. It is in fact, another song about having sexual intercourse. As is the case with many of her songs, there are also threads of female empowerment woven in, as the woman in this story is definitely the one controlling the situation.

4. Spider-Man Dick (2016)

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what this song is about from the title alone. Just as you’ve probably already come to expect, it is a song that is all about sexual arousal. Of course, the lyrics are quite graphic and describe in detail the act of having sex. Again, it is a song that reinforces the idea of sex being nothing more than a primal act, not something associated with love.

3. H2hoe (2022)

This is a song that is a bit of a departure from what she usually performs. It’s quite graphic in its depiction of sexual intercourse, but it also indicates that the woman in the story is having sex with a man in order to get other things that she wants out of life.

For example, there are lyrics that talk about living in a nice house and having the mortgage paid by this person. As opposed to talking about female empowerment in the traditional manner, the song is more about manipulating a man to give the woman whatever she wants through sex.

2. Deepthroat (2016)

Here you have another popular song that depicts different things of a sexual nature. In this particular case, it’s one that discusses oral sex more than anything else. While that is fairly obvious from both the title and the album cover for the single, it becomes abundantly obvious after only a few seconds of listening.

1. Squidward Nose (2019)

This is probably one of the more humorous songs that she has ever performed. It is yet another song that discusses certain parts of the male anatomy, but the funny part is that it compares that anatomy to the cartoon character mentioned in the title. She often uses humor in her songs and this is by far one of the best examples.

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