The 10 Best Rosanne Cash Songs of All-Time

Rosanne Cash is the daughter of Johnny Cash (a renowned American singer and songwriter). She’s one of the pre-eminent singer-songwriters in America. Like most artists, Rosanne’s musical talent is hereditary. However, touring around with her dad and being his backing vocalist contributed significantly to her music career. At the age of 23, she released her first album ‘Rosanne Cash (1978)’ which did not achieve much success but got her a deal with Columbia Records. However, her career breakthrough kicked in two years later (1980) following the release of her second album, ‘Right or Wrong,’ which had a positive reception. Her third album was also well-received, yielding considerable sales. This followed favorable outcomes on her subsequent albums, making her one of the world’s most celebrated country music artists. Let’s look at some of Rosanne’s all-time greatest hits.

10. If You Change Your Mind


“If You Change Your Mind” was co-written by Rosanne and Hank DeVito. It’s the third single from Rosanne’s sixth album ‘King’s Record Shop.’ The song was released in 1988, peaking at no.1 on the US country chart. It stayed at position one for a week, dropping for 15 weeks. It is her eighth no. 1 hit.

9. My Baby Thinks He’s a Train


My Baby Thinks He’s a Train was penned by Leroy Preston. It is Rosanne’s second single from ‘Seven Year Ache,’ her third album. It was released in 1981, peaking at position one on the US Hot Country Songs. It stayed on top of the list for a week and spent 11 weeks on the chart. It also ranked number four on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. This song is her second no. 1 hit on the US country chart.

8. A Feather’s Not A Bird


‘A Feather’s Not A Bird’ is the lead single from this talented singer’s thirteenth album, ‘The River & the Thread.’ It was released in 2014. The song was inspired by her friend Natalie Chanin, a seamstress, who taught Rosanne how to sew. She also told Rosanne to develop a love for the thread. The words’ love the thread’ influenced the creation of this song, which landed Rosanne two Grammy awards (2015); The Best American Roots Song and The Best American Roots Performance. The skill prompted Rosanne to establish a sewing group in Manhattan

7. Never Be You


Benmont Tench and Tom Petty wrote this song, ‘Never Be You.’ The first version was released in 1983 by Maria Mckee and was featured in the Street of Fire film. Rosanne released her cover in 1985 as the second single from her fifth album ‘Rhythm & Romance. It was her fifth song to peak at no. 1 on the Billboard Country Chart, spending one week in the top spot and 16 weeks on the chart.

6. Runaway Train


Runaway Train is Rosanne’s ninth top hit solo and the fourth single from her 6th album, ‘King’s Record Shop.’ This song was composed by John Stewart and recorded by Rosanne. It was released in 1988, reaching no. 1 on the US Country chart. Several artists have covered it, including Mary Chapin Carpenter on her first album’ Hometown Girl’ and John Stewart on his Punch the Big Guy album.

5. The Way We Make a Broken Heart


The original version of ‘The Way We Make a Broken Heart’ was penned by John Hiatt and released by Ry Cooder in 1980 as his sixth single from his Borderline album. It was later covered by Rosanne and John Hiatt as a duet, releasing their version in 1983. However, their cover did not garner much success. Rosanne decided to record the song again in 1987. Her new cover charted on the US Country chart peaking at number one, making this song her sixth no. 1 hit. It also ranked position one on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart.

4. Blue Moon with Heartache


Here is Rosanne’s third single to peak at number one on the US Country chart. It topped the list for a week and was on the chart for 11 weeks. Blue Moon with Heartache is the third song from Rosanne’s third album, ‘Seven Year Ache.’

3. I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me


I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me was written by Rosanne Cash and Rodney Crowell (her first husband). Some people believe that the song was based on their love story. However, Rosanne confirmed that it was inspired by losing the CMA awards. It is the first song from her fifth album, Rhythm & Romance. Surprisingly it is a song that earned Rosanne her first Grammy Award. It peaked no. 1 on both the US Hot Country Songs and the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts.

2. Seven Year Ache


Rosanne composed and released this song as the first single from her third album, also titled ‘Seven Year Ache,’ in 1981. It was her first number one hit on the Billboard Country Chart. It also peaked at no. 22 on the Billboard Pop Chart and reached no. 6 on the Adult Contemporary Songs. This ballad gave Rosanne considerable success in her career. It has been covered been several artists, including Trisha Yearwood, whose version (2001) features Rosanne in the background.

1. Tennessee Flat Top Box


Johnny Cash released the first version of this song in 1961which charted on the Country Singles charts and Pop Charts, peaking at 11 and 84. Rosanne later recorded it. She released her cover version in 1987 as the third single on her King’s Record Shop album. The song peaked no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs and Canadian RPM Country Track charts. Rosanne didn’t know that the song was composed by her father until he revealed it to her before his death in September 2003. The song was her tribute to her father during his memorial celebration, aired on CMT on Nov. 15th, 2003. This song is about a young boy who is a good guitarist, and he is determined to be a professional country singer. To grow his skills and create a following, he starts performing locally. With time, he becomes popular and taps into bigger opportunities, leading to the fulfillment of his dreams.


Rosanne cash is one of the greatest singers in the universe. She’s made a name for herself by creating commercially beloved country music; a style and genre which she believes chose her. Listen to her ten best hits on our list, and you’ll agree that she is an excellent lyricist and an outstanding performer.

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