Steve Harris interview: “I’d rather play football or play with British Lion”

Steve Harris who frontman Iron Maiden and British Lion and play bassist and what’s he thinks about his retirement plan. Also, Harris talks about what’s happening next.

Steve’s new interview explained what happen that British Lion songs are more of his efforts. We know he touches everything on the music and saves the musical parts he already composes all by himself to Iron Maiden albums and songs. Harris also found a new band British Lion and he discussed the band’s songwriting process and how they manage themselves.

Steve Harris just interview with the Louder Sound from Classic Rock magazine and how they start with British Lion and replied:

“It’s a similar thing to Maiden when we first started out. You have a couple of covers in your settings here or there, and as soon as you get a new song, you bin the covers. It’s great, cos we went straight into the studio to record them, and we didn’t have to rehearse them.”

Then continued “Have you played the new album to anybody from Maiden?” and answer that question:

“No. Why would I unless they asked me to? I wouldn’t force anything else on them. If they asked me: “Can I have an ear’ ole of it?” then I would. I dunno, it’s just not something I’d do.”

Also, mention his double play at “Download 2020 with British Lion and Iron Maiden. Why?”:

I could sit around twiddling my thumbs, but I’d rather play football or play with British Lion. Or both. It’s not that I get bored. There’s always something going on. My missus would tell me that I need to say no to a few things here or there. And she’s probably right.

Steve Harris also answer his retirement plan and “Same thing as football. If I’d have done that I’d have retired many years ago. Doing this has worked out fantastic. It’s a long career.” Listen to the British Lion – The Burning below.

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