The 10 Best Shawn Mendes Songs of All-Time

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is currently one of the most popular singers there is. He even has a track or two featured in the upcoming movie Sing 2 (performed by an excellent actor and singer in his own right, Taron Egerton). If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on the songs that Shawn Mendes has made popular thus far, here are 10 of them.

10. Imagination (2015)


This is a song told from the perspective of the singer. In it, he’s watching someone that he thinks he could potentially fall in love with walk past his house on a daily basis and imagining everything that they might have together, if only he had the nerve to go and speak to her. The thing is, she’s not even aware that he exists, because he doesn’t gather up his nerve and go to talk to her. It’s a song that speaks to anyone who’s ever looked at someone from afar and wanted more than anything to go speak to them, yet they just couldn’t find the right words. It’s something that everyone experiences from time to time, so it’s a song that almost every person can identify with on one level or another.

9. Summer Of Love (2021)


Just as the title of the song implies, this is a song about young love that may or may not last, but still has the capability to transform a person for a lifetime. It talks about a single summer when two people are together and all the adventures that they decide to go on together. The song also talks about that feeling of love which doesn’t go away, even though the relationship itself ends at the end of the summer.

8. KESI (2021)


This is a Spanish language song that deals with the subject matter of two people in a relationship, yet one person sees the relationship very differently from the other. In this relationship, one of the individuals looks at the other with an intensity that is almost scary. He has romantic feelings in the extreme. On the other hand, the person that he has those feelings for doesn’t necessarily feel the same way. As far as that individual is concerned, the two are just friends and nothing more. The song goes on to discuss the difficulties experienced in these types of relationships and how it can often be more painful to continue on being nothing more than a friend as opposed to just ending the relationship in its entirety. It also discusses the internal anguish that happens when these types of choices are faced.

7. Treat You Better (2016)


This is another song where the title is fairly obvious. In it, the subject of the song is seeing one of his friends in a relationship where she isn’t treated very well. As it turns out, he also has romantic feelings for her, but she doesn’t see those feelings because she’s involved with someone else. He often sits and reflects on what it would be like to be in a relationship with her and how much better he would treat her than the individual that she’s currently with.

6. Senorita (2019)


Again, this is a relationship song. It deals with two people who claim they are nothing more than friends, yet they would probably be better described as friends with benefits. The thing is, they’re each dealing with that tug-of-war that comes with having a friend that you might have more intense feelings for in their own way. As opposed to these feelings bringing them closer together, the feelings almost tear them apart because they are unable to come to terms with them in a positive manner.

5. Stitches (2015)


This is probably one of the saddest songs he’s ever recorded. It talks about being in love with someone who hurt you so deeply that you feel like you will never be the same again. The song uses play on words about needing stitches and the scars that are left when these types of injuries happen, only in this particular case, the injuries are the kind that leaves scars no one else can see.

4. Mercy (2016)


It seems like most of his songs involve love in one capacity or another. This is another one that talks about loving someone who may not be the best fit for you. In the song, he’s asking that individual to have mercy on him by being kinder and gentler as opposed to using and abusing him, only to throw him away in the end.

3. If I Can’t Have You (2018)


You probably already guessed this one, especially considering the fact that most of his songs are about love. Just as the title implies, it talks about him not caring about anything if he can’t have a person that he’s really in love with. Most people have felt this way at one time or another. In some cases, it’s hard to care about anything if you’re away from that one special person and this is a song that demonstrates those feelings quite well.

2. Never Be Alone (2015)


If he can sing some sad songs, he can also sing some that are uplifting and this is definitely one of them. The song discusses two people who love each other dearly, yet they can’t be together geographically. It also talks about the fact that they’re love doesn’t diminish just because they’re not physically in the same room and how they’re never really alone, because they are always in each other’s hearts.

1. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back (2016)


This is one of the main tracks that will be featured in the upcoming movie Sing 2, and will ultimately be performed by Taron Egerton, who voices Johnny in the film. It’s a catchy, upbeat song. As you might have already guessed, it talks about love, but there’s also another message here. It refers to going through anything in order to find love and hold onto it. There is also a bit of a dual meaning, as it can be interpreted that once you find that special someone, you feel like you can handle anything life throws at you.

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