10 Best Volbeat Songs of All Time


Volbeat is a Danish band that has a smooth and easy quality to their genre dubbed “Elvis Metal.” They’ve opened for some of the bigger names in music including Foo Fighters, also touring with Slipknot and others. The group first formed in 2001 in Copenhagen and has become an international sensation with some hit songs that have rocked the charts. They’ve done their share of touring including concerts at the Palladium, Vina Robles Amphitheater, Aftershock Festival, Fox Theater, The Criterion, and many other venues. Here are the ten best Volbeat songs of all time for your consideration.

10. “SoulWeeper”

According to We Are the Pit, “SouolWeeper” is one of the most romantic ballad-style songs that the group has performed. It’s almost a soothing song that features the lyric”Settle down for a moment ’cause your heart is beating hard…I told you from the start/Better no promises and I’ll do you no harm.” The song is from The Strength/The Sound/The Songs album.

9. “The Garden’s Tale”

This is a melody from the Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil album. It’s one of the very few songs in Volbeat’s repertoire that is written and sang with parts in their native Danish tongue. It’s from the Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil album. The song features Johan Olsen’s emotive vocals as a guest in a song about tragic love that is powerfully moving.

8. “Still Counting”

“Still Counting” is a song that has a different kind of tempo with a style that is more like ska in its opening riff. It was released from the Guitar Gangsters & The Cadillac Blood album in 2008. It’s a popular tune that always gets the crowd singing along with the band with lyrics “Counting all the assholes in the room/Well, I’m definitely not alone.” It’s a classic Volbeat song.

7. “7 Shots”

According to Top Tens, “7 Shots” is a song that became an instant success. According to listener polls, it is one of the best Volbeat songs of all time and some would even agree that it should be placed much higher on the list than it is. What gets crowds going the most about this song is its Epic banjo, guitar, and vocals.

6. “Fallen”

Fans voted “Fallen” to be one of the best Volbeat songs of all time. The lyrics resonate with so many sons who had great dads that they love and respect. The words are relatable and make you think about what’s important in life. The vocals are top-notch and the guitar is stellar, which is a regular thing with Volbeat. It was voted as the best lyrical work by the band with multiple reviewers giving it a big thumbs up.

5. “The Hangman’s Body Count”

“The Hangman’s Body Count is a song that some fans would like to see higher on the list, but that’s a resounding theme from many Volbeat listeners who offer their opinions. It’s a metal song that starts with an eerie guitar and an amazing rhythm but the beginning of the song sounds more like a western. It surprises you with the Volbeat signature rhythm and vocals that take you to a new level with its precision drums and vocals. The rhythm alone is enough to get you hooked. Some lists place it higher and some put it lower in popularity, but it really depends on who you talk to. We definitely believe it’s one of the top ten and place it in the middle.

4. “Lola Montez”

According to Kerrang, “Lola Monteza’ is a favorite of many Volbeat fans, especially when it’s performed live. The band does a superb job when they deliver this Volbeat classic. It’s become one of the most popular Volbeat songs in the United Kingdom. The band has fun playing the song and the guitar solo is always a big hit. It’s on the 2013 Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies album.

3. “For Evigt”

“For Evigt” is the title of the song that is a Danish term that is translated as forever. Fans of all languages love this song and most know what it means. It has great meaning lyrically, and the band rose to superstardom when the song became Denmark’s number 3 top hit on the 2016 charts. Johan Olsen was at the pinnacle with the vocals for this song with Rod Sinclair on the stage during the Telia Parken show in Copenhagen. The chorus is sung in Danish which works well with the title, making it a little extra special.

2. “Evelyn”

“Evelyn” is a song that Volbeat routinely builds into its portfolio for live concerts because it’s a fan favorite. People from all over the world love this song. Whenever their friend Barney Greenway from Napalm Death is around, they invite him to come along and join them on the stage for this song. His vocals are a major contribution that keeps fans rocking. Napalm Death fans go crazy over this song.

1. “Goodbye Forever”

“Goodbye Forever” is a Volbeat song that many fans consider to be one of their very best. Although the song is heavily laden with emotion, it’s timely and pays tribute to the memory of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, who contributed so much to the world of Rock music. It honors legendary musicians and artists with new meaning as the song takes on a lighter note from its studio version that featured the Harlem Gospel Choir in the background. Stage crew members don robes and head to the stage, although they’re not the real choir, it lends a moment of levity. Nothing is lost with the hint of humor and lightheartedness. It’s all a part of the world of rock and roll. It’s about remembering the past, saying your goodbyes, and living in the moment.

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