The 10 Best Monsta X Songs of All-Time

Monsta X is a South Korean boy group created because of a reality show from 2014 and 2015. Since then, they’ve proven their staying power, as shown by their successes in their home country, East Asia, and the English-speaking world. Unsurprisingly, most of Monsta X’s material is in Korean. However, the boy group has released three Japanese and two English albums. Something that says much about their international appeal while saying little.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Monsta X songs released so far:

10. “Sorry I’m Not Sorry”

Just because artists are famous for a particular style, that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of performing in others. This song is striking because it’s an acoustic track that enabled the members of Monsta X to showcase their singing skills. As for the subject, interested individuals should have no problem guessing that it’s about a romantic relationship that has run its course.

9. “Who Do U Love?”

Monsta X released its first English album – All About Luv – in 2019. “Who Do U Love?” was the single chosen to serve as its introduction to the English-speaking world. It seems to have worked out well enough in that role. After all, “Who Do U Love?” reached the number 26 position on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40, which is no small achievement. Unsurprisingly, the song had notable differences from the group’s previous offerings, not least because of French Montana’s involvement. However, some also opined that it showed signs of the group’s growing maturity.

8. “Shoot Out”

“Shoot Out” is a single from Monsta X’s second Japanese album – Phenomenon – from the same year as All About Luv. It’s pure fan bait. The song is about searching for a savior to save the singers from loneliness. Moreover, tragic elements are included for extra tugging on the heartstrings. Still, “Shoot Out” is intense, surprisingly well-made fan bait, meaning those doubtful should give it a chance.

7. “Beautiful”

“Beautiful” was released in 2017. The song saw decent numbers in South Korea, though it wasn’t quite as strong as some of its predecessors. Curiously, it also received some attention in the United States, as shown by its fourth-place finish on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. Lyrics-wise, “Beautiful” is more or less what one would expect, so much so that it even comes with rose imagery. However, it gets a place because it’s one of the best examples of the group’s ability to go hard and soft in the same song.

6. “Wanted”

Monsta X released “Wanted” as the last single from its third Japanese album, Flavors of Love. It’s energetic, powerful, and fast-paced. As such, “Wanted” is a stirring reminder of Monsta X at some of its best. It did well in its target country. The song came one spot short of topping the Oricon Singles Chart.

5. “From Zero”

As the story goes, “From Zero” took inspiration from a 2013 movie called About Time. In it, a man learns he can travel through time. It’s powerful, but even so, it has its limitations. For instance, the protagonist can change careers, relationships, and other aspects of people’s lives. The issue is that doing so disrupts downstream events, including the birth of his children. Due to this, the protagonist learns to let go of the past while appreciating the present. “From Zero” is focused on the desire to change things, which is about as relatable as these things get. Specifically, it’s named thus because it’s about wanting to return to the start.

4. “Beastmode”

The name “Monsta X” reflects the group’s specialties. After all, “monster” conveys a sense of strength imbued with bite. “Beastmode” is another reminder that Monsta X prides itself on its intensity. It was never released as a single. Despite that, it made it onto the charts, thus saying much about its ability to move listeners.

3. “Gambler”

“Gambler” is a more recent song from 2021. It comes from Monsta X’s ninth EP, One of a Kind. The song had fans in South Korea and elsewhere. For instance, it reached the number 118 position in the group’s homeland. Similarly, it peaked at number five on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

2. “Hero”

“Hero” is even earlier. After all, it was released on Monsta X’s second EP, Rush. Sales-wise, “Hero” can’t claim the top of the list. There are Monsta X songs that have surpassed it by leaps and bounds in this respect. Still, “Hero” merits recognition. Its music video was memorable for being filmed on a rooftop. Something that wasn’t pleasant for at least one of the group members. Regardless, the music video spread like wildfire, thus enabling it to hit a hundred million views on YouTube before any of Monsta X’s other songs. Considering how critical YouTube is for artists to make themselves known, it seems safe to say that “Hero” played a prominent role in the group’s success.

1. “Love Killa”

“Love Killa” is a 2020 song. It has the same mix of bombastic power and careful restraint as many of Monsta X’s earlier songs. The critical point is that “Love Killa” came from a more experienced and confident group. Thanks to this, “Love Killa” showed the group members coming together at the peak of their prowess. It’s smooth without the slightest sense that it’s being forced. Better still, the song has the kind of suaveness one expects from a veteran boy group.

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