The 10 Best Thrice Songs of All-Time


When Dustin Kensrue and Teppei Teranishi founded the band in 1998, the duo was still in high school in Irvine, California. The rock and roll band is famous for their heavily distorted guitars, which featured prominently in their second and third albums. In 2005, when the band released their fourth album, they had made a couple of changes to incorporate electronic beats, keyboards and a unique sound. The release of the fourth album titled Vheissu was followed by a strenuous tour schedule and a switch to Vagrant Records. After releasing four more albums from their new record label, the band went on a hiatus in 2012 after concluding their “farewell tour”. In 2015, the founding band members, Kensrue and Teranishi, got back together and released two albums, “To Be Everyhere Is To Be Nowhere” and an LP named “Palms”, which was released in 2018. The release of “Palm” marked the end of the band’s contract with Vagrant Records and a new contract with legendary record label Epitaph Records. The band’s style of music has come from experimenting with synthesisers back in 2004/2005 to an intentional style that puts more emphasis on the guitar. According to Johnny Loftus of AllMusic, Thrice is a post-hardcore band that blends punk, pop, and screamo with a progressive style. Some of the band’s notable influences include Deftones, Jawbreaker, Radiohead, and At the Drive-in. Here is a list of the 10 best songs from this California band.

10. Deadbolt


It’s normal for human beings to fall into temptations such as adultery and fornication. “Deadbolt” is a song about the inner battles going through one’s self to avoid temptation. Sometimes (in most cases), the battle usually is futile.“Deadbolt” has been considered by many Thrice fans to be the best track from their album, “The Illusion of Safety”. The song was released on 5th February 2002, with the video following afterwards.

9. Firebreather


Dustin has always been proud of the fact that he was brought up in a Christian family. In this track, he talks about how Christians will be persecuted in the final days. He speaks from the perspective of a martyr who shows great confidence instead of having fear due to his impending death. The song, therefore, asks the listeners to confront their fears and face them head-on. The aggressive guitars, drums, and clean vocals go on to intensify the song’s message.

8. Image of the Invisible


Dustin is known for writing unique lyrics that do not offend some people while also being appealing to other people at the same time. “Image of the Invisible” contains a soaring chorus that gives strength to those discriminated against or rejected by society. It advises people to live to their full potential, and it is one of the most loved songs by the band. “Image of the Invisible” is the lead single from the band’s hit album “Vheissu”, which was released in 2005.

7. In Exile


“In Exile” takes the 7th spot in our list of greatest songs by Thrice. Like many other songs released by the band, the lyrics of this sing have a profound message behind them. It informs listeners to never get in a comfort zone but rather work to achieve the good life they have always dreamed of.

6. The Earth Will Shake


The song begins with a cool intro followed by a harmonic vocal line with lyrics inspired by “The Prudent Jailer”, a poem written by C.S. Lewis. The song talks about being in prison and always dreaming of getting out to experience the real world, which our hearts long for. “The Earth Will Shake” is the third track from the band’s album “Vheissu.”

5. Beyond The Pines


Dustin considers this track his favorite from the album “Palms”, which was released in 2018. The lyrics of the song are lovely, and the instrumentation is out of this world. Dustin’s voice when he sings, “is a field where we can walk, leaving all our names behind”, makes the song more powerful and beautiful.

4. Scavengers


It seems like Dustin’s voice gets better as he grows. Dominated by pulsating guitars and his gruffer vocals, “Scavengers” is a classic song. The song is contained in the band’s new album, “Horizons/East,” which was released in 2021 by Epitaph records.

3. Daedalus


“Daedalus” goes for six minutes and is one of the band’s longest songs. In the song, Dustin tells the story of Icarus (a minor character in Greek mythology) and son of Daedalus and how he flew too close to the sun. “Daedalus” is the fourth track from the band’s 2008 album The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV.

2. The Artist In The Ambulance


The number two song in our list of the greatest Thrice songs of all time comes from the band’s 2003 album, “The Artist In The Ambulance”. This album was named among the “20 Emo Albums That Have Resolutely Stood The Test Of Time” by NME.  The track, which has a similar name to the album, has been hailed as one of their best songs and is a fan favorite. The song is about a musician who gets inspired to save other people (as an artist) after being rescued and saved by a paramedic.

1. Anthology


“Anthology” is the 10th track from Thrice’s album “Major/Minor”, which was released in 2011. The song was a kind of thank you to the fans before Thrice took a hiatus. The track contains several references to other tracks and summarized the band’s career up to that time. The track combines bits of the band’s greatest lines into one song, making it the number one song in our list of Thrice greatest songs of all time.

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