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Do you ever get reminiscent over your home state? Maybe you’ve visited a particular state and you just can’t stop thinking about it, regardless if you grew up there or not. It’s true, everyone has their places that speak to them. For some, that place is the state of Virginia. If you agree with this sentiment, here are 10 songs that will make you love (and miss) the state even more than you already do.

10. My Old Virginia Home (The Carter Family)

If you happen to be an individual who does feel a great deal of fondness for your home state and you miss it a lot, this is one that might actually bring you to tears. That’s because the individuals singing are indeed singing about missing their home. It’s told from a fictional point of view about a person that wanted nothing more than to grow up and break free from all the things he thought were holding him back, including where he lived. The remainder of the song deals with him thinking about his home state and wishing that he could get back there, even to the point of vowing that if he does, he’ll never leave it again.

9. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

You guessed it, this song tells the story of the Battle of Yorktown. What makes it so interesting? It involves telling the story in an entirely new way, using rap music to draw the audience in and hold their attention.

8. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (James A. Bland)

Here you have another song about someone who misses their home state so much, they can think of nothing more than getting back there, one way or another. In this particular case, it discusses the storyteller’s desire to be brought back to the state in order to be buried, even if they can’t get back there in life.

7. James River Blues (Old CrowMedicine Show)

Anyone who wishes things would stay the same can easily identify with this song. The lyrics discuss wishing that everything would move at a much slower pace. More specifically, they discuss the way things have changed with regard to technology. The person in the song wishes that it was more like it was when they were a child, as they see everything they love about the state being slowly eroded away.

6. Sweet Virginia Breeze (The Robbin Thompson Band)

The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most amazing sites in the entire state. That’s probably why the group ultimately decided to pen a song about them, in order to pay tribute to their favorite state of Virginia.

5. Our Great Virginia (Mike Greenly)

This song encompasses the entirety of everything there is to love about the state. As a matter of fact, people love it so much that there was a long-standing petition to make it the official state song, one that was ultimately successful (after years of lobbying).

4. I Went Down To Virginia (Frank Sinatra)

There aren’t very many singers who have had the type of influence Frank Sinatra enjoyed throughout the course of his career. Even years after his death, he is still considered one of the most influential people in his field. This particular song is all about falling in love with the state and more importantly, with the people who live there. As a matter of fact, the song tells the story of someone who loved it so much that they decided to stay. That says a great deal about Sinatra’s feelings for the location, especially when you consider that the lyrics tell the story of someone who has traveled to the state without knowing a single soul there.

3. Virginia (Clipse)

No matter how good something is, it’s safe to say there are ups and downs to everything. That’s true, even for a place like Virginia. In fact, this is a song that details some of the less glamorous things about the state. More specifically, the artists discuss the dangers associated with living there, especially for those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. They also talk about the fact that Virginia has a rather checked past when it comes to racial relations.

2. Virginia Moon (Foo Fighters)

Dave Grohl is the leader of the group and as it happens, he grew up in Virginia. He uses this song to detail how much he loves the state as well as the countless number of experiences he enjoyed while growing up there. It’s clear how much he loves his home state, as you can hear his fondness for it as he sings the lyrics. Even if you’ve never been there before, you’ll probably want to go after you hear this song.

1. Night Train (James Brown)

At its core, this is a song about moving around a lot. What exactly does that have to do with Virginia? There was a time when singer James Brown gave a shout-out to the state during a live performance. That is significant because he thought enough of the state, even during his brief time there performing, to recognize it publicly. That action takes on a whole new level of significance when you consider the fact that performers typically travel from one place to the next so quickly, they can sometimes even forget where they are performing in the moment. Virginia made an impression on Brown, so much so that he wanted everyone in the audience to know how much he had fallen in love with the state.

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