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Maynard James Keenan Comments on ‘Existential Reckoning’ Album

Maynard James Keenan recently talked about the ‘Existential Reckoning’ album. TOOLPUSCIFER‘s frontman, and his bandmate Carina Round reviewed for their latest studio album.

After his battle with COVID-19 (coronavirus), Maynard back with a new album. This ‘Existential Reckoning‘ album out from his other projects’ PUSCIFER band. He also works for A PERFECT CIRCLE and released ‘Eat the Elephant’ in 2018. Then TOOL‘s first new album in thirteen years, Fear Inoculum, in August 2019.

He continues with PUSCIFER and promotes this album with some fresh live events or music videos.

In a recent interview with FLOOD Magazine, Maynard James Keenan comments on PUSCIFER’s ‘Existential Reckoning’ album:

“Everybody’s safe. We’re pretty cautious when we’re together. This is the type of project that thrives in a situation like this. A lot of it just comes down to the moment where you’re at—where our collective heads are at. When it comes to Puscifer’s trajectory, some of the goals are motivated by the stimulus of what’s in front of us.

What we’re going through, the equipment, the creaks in your body, age, wisdom. All those things. If you’re asking if there’s a master plan that we wrote up twenty years ago? No.”

He also described the album: 

“I was just reacting to what Mat put in front of me in a folder. As far as headspace? That’s hard to put a finger on. It’s really just reacting to sound, the moment. The song. Anything now in hindsight.

Then added:

“I don’t know that I see that we got more serious. Maybe it’s logistics. Example: The first album was recorded while we were on the road with Mat as a tech for one of the other bands.

We recorded it in hotels, on the backs of buses, and in dressing rooms. Logistically speaking, recording in hotels, you’re just a wall away from people, and you don’t wish to disturb strangers. You notice, there, that so many of the vocals on that first album are lower register. That’s because I wasn’t screaming in my hotel room—an absolute logistical reaction to the circumstances that we were already in.

He answered, “When you’re in those situations, are there different ways you present yourself?:

“I use the blue microphone with my blue headphones…just reacting, sitting in my writing space. Creating the words that go with the sounds, because—structurally—the melodies, rhythms, and vocal limbs are written first to go with music, and then I attach stories once everything else is in place. Every single project. Every song.”

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