Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher talks about their gory lyrics

Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher talks about their gory lyrics

Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher talked about their gory lyrics and how religious people approached the band negatively in their concerts.

As we all know, Cannibal Corpse is not our ordinary metal band. A death metal band with rigorous and violent lyrics, it is the center of many controversies surrounding it. As their lyrics contain strict taboos like raping, murdering, and torture, many people do not see Cannibal Corpse as a good band.

That is especially the case for religious people. The band might be faced with the hammer of cancel culture as well. The frontman George Fisher talked about those issues. In an interview with Mosh Talks, he mentioned the importance of talking instead of fighting. Fisher also talked about how he treated religious people despite not being acted the same way.

Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher: I’m sure you could try to cancel anything

When asked “Can you cancel Cannibal Corpse?”, the frontman started to talk about the best way to solve disputes.

“You can try, I’m sure you could try to cancel anything. Every day you turn around and something’s wrong, something’s not right with something else. There are obviously real issues in this world, we got a lot of work to do as people.

I think the best would be to stop pointing fingers at each other in anger and talk to each other. Sometimes there could be some very uncomfortable conversations, sometimes there could be some conversations that have more facts behind them.

Because I think some people, depending on what side you’re on, listen to too many people on this side or too many people on this site, and they don’t just try to dig up real facts and data to see and argue their point. So we should all just be able to talk, and some people just don’t want to do that, they just want to thank you, they just want to find what someone posted and go off on it.”

He also talked about religious people who acted negatively towards Cannibal Corpse and the fans in concerts.

“We’ve had some people, we’ve had religious groups outside of our concerts across the street just protesting about how we’re going to hell.

And not really us but even the kids in general, cursing at the kids or whatever, and of course, I’m looking at them going, ‘OK, well, they’re not beating anybody up, they’re not smashing anything, so that’s good.’ But the things they’re saying are just so heinous and nasty. And I’m just like, ‘Do you go to church?’ You know, kneeling and ‘I love Jesus’…

But ‘You’re going to hell, you piece of garbage satanic scumbag…’ I thought you should talk to people.”

When the interviewer pointed out how good it was to talk in a normal way to someone who was going to sing a song titled ‘Stripped, Raped, and Strangled’ soon, George Fisher replied:

“That’s a song, we’re not going to do any of that. And Chris wrote the lyrics for that, that was before my time. But I’m gonna be fairly certain, I’m gonna just assume, and I shouldn’t be telling about what he wrote and how he interpreted.

But I’m gonna assume because I know him that he’s not a closet rapist who hates women. It’s just a song. There are depictions of rape in literature…”

After the interviewer explained how Cannibal Corpse songs got them through hard times, Fisher said:

“Let me say this a little quick because it’s crazy when people say to me how our music got them through things, obviously considering earlier content, but I wish that people that think that our lyrics are basically terrible and trying to corrupt society, and younger kids, I wish they would hear that because as crazy as our lyrics are, they’re not meant to be taken the way that people on the outside may take them.”

You can listen to this song below!

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