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Bob Seger

From high-octane rock to sprawling acoustic ballads, Bob Seger is by far one of the most versatile songwriters in music history. He has also had his fair share of highs and lows throughout his music career (he even released an album called “Shame on the Moon”), but there’s no denying that he’s made a few classic records along the way too. He has two gold, seven multi-platinum, and four platinum RIAA Certifications – mind-blowing if you think about it. The man is also a legend for his live performances, with nothing but pure energy coming from his concerts, going strong for over 50 years. Well, there you have it – the facts aren’t always interesting, but they’re still facts.

10. Mongrel – 1970


Mongrel is Bob Seger’s third studio album. The album was released in August 1970 and contained the hit single “Lucifer,” one of his best-known songs and hit song of the decade. Make no mistake: the album features other great songs, including “Highway Child,” “Big River,” and “Teachin’ Blues.” So, what was the reason behind Mongrel’s low ranking? We’d chalk it up to too many good Bob Seger’s albums out there, so the bottom of each list is pretty much always going to be occupied by great songs. Still, this record deserves some praise for containing Bob Seger’s biggest hit, Lucifer.

9. I Knew You When – 2017


From Bob Seger’s earliest album to his latest, we now come to “I Knew You When,” released in 2017. This record is a beautiful collection of covers and old classics, as Seger takes us back to the glory days with his unique stylings. Don’t let the fun tone fool you, as this album contains some genuinely heartbreaking songs (i.e., “Marie”).While the album itself is pretty good, it didn’t contain any notable songs that hugely impacted Seger’s career. Since this list focuses mainly on the quality of each piece, it just wasn’t enough to break into the top 10.

8. Beautiful Loser – 1975


This was Bob Seger’s eighth studio album, released in 1975. While the album itself is ok, this record made a huge success with its title track “Beautiful Loser,” which some people might remember from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It also contains other great songs, such as “Won’t Stop” and “Katmandu.” While the title track is a great song that many Seger fans love, it’s not enough to propel the album into the top 5.

7. Like a Rock – 1986


This was Bob Seger’s thirteenth studio album, released in 1986. As you can already tell from its name, “Like a Rock” is an album that is very much inspired by the great outdoors. The best part about this album is that it gets you into the mood to explore nature’s wonders and enjoy life. It features other great songs like “American Storm,” “The Aftermath,” and “Tightrope.”

6. Stranger in Town – 1978


This was Bob Seger’s tenth studio album. It was released in 1978. While most people might not know about this particular record, “Stranger in Town” contains some excellent songs that have proven to be quite popular over the years. Like a Rock is a great album, but Stranger in Town edges it out with its own set of fan-favorite tracks, such as “Till It Shines” and “Hollywood Nights.” Bob Seger might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one can deny the fact that he’s put out some great stuff over the years. His music is like pure poetry – it may not be for everyone, but those who enjoy it will genuinely appreciate this album.

5. The Distance – 1982


This was Bob Seger’s twelfth studio album, released in 1982. As the name suggests, this particular album is known for its slightly more aggressive songs than some of Seger’s earlier works. It features other great songs such as “Shame on the Moon” and “Even Now.” Like the previous entry on the list, no one can deny that The Distance is an excellent album. However, it just didn’t have enough hit songs to make it into the top four.

4. Smokin’ O.P.’s – 1972


This was Bob’s fifth studio album, released in 1972. This album is a must-listen for any fans of the Little River Band or John Mellencamp. As one of his earliest records, Smokin’ O.P.’s contains a lot of good songs that would influence Seger’s work in the future, such as “Someday” and “If I Were a Carpenter.” The album stands out from the rest partly due to its unique style and influence on other musicians.

3. The Fire Inside – 1991


Now, we come to one of Seger’s finest records. The Fire Inside was released in 1991, and it shows how Bob Seger has grown as an artist. Even though this is pretty much his only record that doesn’t feature any covers, there are still plenty of fan-favorite tracks like “New Coat of Paint” and “Blind Love.” The album was released when Grunge music had just begun dominating the airwaves, but that did nothing to hinder its success. The Fire Inside is one of Seger’s best records, and everyone should try listening to it at least once.The album included appearances from Bruce Hornsby and Bruce Springsteen’s pianist, Roy Bittan. It also had some of the best guitar players, such as Tom Perry, Steve Lukather, Joe Walsh, and Mike Campbell. Overall, this is Bob Seger’s “we’re not just some old dudes” album.

2. Against the Wind – 1980


This was Bob Seger’s eleventh studio album, released in 1980. It is one of his more popular records, and it contains some of the most iconic songs in his entire discography. Against the Wind is Bob Seger’s most successful album in his entire career. The album would spend a good six weeks on the Billboard Top L.P.’s chart, knocking Pink Floyd’s album, the Wall, off the number #1 spot. It featured hit songs like “Against the Wind,” “Her Strut,” and “Fire Lake.”

1. Night Moves – 1976


Ninth Moves was Seger’s ninth studio album, released in 1976. This album is widely considered to be one of the greatest rock albums ever made.The record itself is simple but quite effective at what it does. It has a very laid-back feel, and the songs’ lyrics are equally relaxing. There is a certain charm present in songs like “Mainstreet” and “Night Moves.” Many people might argue that Bob Seger’s discography would be vastly improved if he re-recorded all of his songs using this style. In the end, Bob Seger’s discography is very diverse, and it would be tough to choose a clear favorite from all of his albums. However, if we had to do that, then our top pick would be “Night Moves” – the album just resonates with us in ways that most other records can’t even dream of.

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