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On My Block

The On My Block drama TV series is well known for featuring a phenomenal cast group with great on-screen chemistry. They do a good job of holding the plot together for what it is. The film is also renowned for its incredible soundtrack. On My Block is the original work of three individuals, namely Jeremy Haft, Lauren Iungerich, and Eddie Gonzalez. The series features four seasons, with the final release on October 4th, 2021.

35. Bottle Rocket – Kovas, Domo Genesis, Amber Ojeda


This was an excellent choice for the season’s finale. If you don’t listen to anything else on this list, please do yourself a favor and play “Bottle Rocket.” You won’t regret it.

34. Just A Little – Bantu, Shungudzo


This track is a happy song that will get you vibing to it. “Just A Little” is a perfect rollercoaster masterpiece that sounds like a modern EDM disco hit.

33. ComeMyWay – JSPH


When I first had this song on season one of On My Block, I couldn’t wait for the second season. If you focus too hard on this great music, like really sitting in it with the lights off but spiced up with candles with your eyes closed, it may even make you cry.

32. Electric – Alina Baraz, Khalid


This song was so perfect for this scene. “Electric” is too loud for headphones, busy, and obnoxious. It’s almost close to impossible not to move when this comes through the speakers.

31. Levels – Tattoo Money


Although “Levels” isn’t the most unique song on the On My Block album, it is a piece of sensual music with loads of autotune and a powerful beat drop. The song was released in 2019 from the album Tattoo Money and what a surprise inclusion it was on the soundtrack.

30. Bailazo – Bang Data


Coming in at #30 is another banger that plays on season one episode 10 of the show. The song really captures the whole emotion of the episode and we are glad that we can now listen to it more and hopefully see more songs from Bang Data. The Spanish beats are magnificent and the vocals are pretty nice even though we don’t get to really understand the meaning behind the song. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you really can’t help but feel uplifted from listening to “Bailazo.”

29. Changes – DeJ Loaf


This song makes me smile. What a beat! One thing about this soundtrack is that the music is so strongly associated with the movie that it’s easy to imagine yourself in the scenes when you listen to it.

28. Belispeak II – Purity Ring, Danny Brown


What makes all of these songs so wonderful is that you can sense the joy, or if not joy, the passion, in them. It is actually sad that Danny Brown and Purity Ring don’t have an album together. This track was great and should have probably been followed by an album.

27. Cruel – BOSCO


“Cruel” It’s intense, and it’s evident that the score played a significant role in bringing the movement in the film to life. Bosco is an outstanding artist who has released a lot of good songs that are greatly loved.

26. Runner – Kevin Abstract


Taking the number 26 spot on our countdown of all songs from the movie is a song This from Kevin Abstract’s sophomore album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. Kevin released “Runner” after forming Brockhampton. The tune builds slowly before the shattering chorus.

25. Frontline – Kelela


“Frontline” is a futuristic electro- R&B single that features an outstanding Sims-inspired music video. This song plays in the scene when Monse gets money for babysitting. Kelela’s beautiful vocals, perfect instrumentation, and included trap beat make this an ominous sound.

24. Xtras – Hugh Augustine


2018 was an interesting year for Hugh Augustine and this song being featured on the soundtrack shows it. The song is contained in his 2018 album, Dubious. Like the rest of the scores on this soundtrack, “Xtras” is a fantastic single that was well received by the fans.

23. Young Boy – Snny


Glassnote Records signee Snny dropped this banger in 2017, from his album, Learning To Swim. The song has a unique fusion of R&B and Hip Hop and what a great intro it has, giving you some Stranger Things vibes.

22. 2 – H.E.R.


If you have heard the chance of hearing H.E.R. sing, then you definitely know how good she is in her artistry. The glass-shattering and hard-hitting drumbeat sounds make this music sound like a late 1990s or early 2000s R&B tune.

21. Blood On Me – Sampha


This is a true masterpiece, both visually and audibly. Listening to Sampha’s performance just creates an image in your mind of someone who noticed blood on themselves and panicked.

20. I’m Your Puppet – James & Bobby Purify


“I’m Your Puppet” has a lot of musical complexity and variation that keeps you paying attention to it as it plays. This portrays every twist and turns in the plot in a clear and succinct way.

19. Sweetest Life – KWAYE


When KWAYE released this song, he said that he wanted to put on display the beauty and art of Africa as a continent. This song is heard at the beginning of the seventh episode. KWAYE draws inspiration from the likes of Toni Braxton and other musical influences in his life such as Craig David to create an engaging song that truly suits the movie.

18. Insecure – Brent Faiyaz


The song plays in the scene where Monse is comforted by his father after a breakup with Ceasar. “Insecure” features dreamy and soulful sounds. It is the perfect song that you can play when you feel very introspective.

17. Cherry Hill – Russ


There’s Really a Wolf was Russ’s first debut album with a major record label and we credit it to for giving us an absolute gem in “Cherry Hill.” The song was played in the scene when Monse broke up with Ceasar after the game, and Monse walked away.

16. Six On The Stairway To Seven – C.A.M.P.O.S.


C.A.M.P.O.S. are well known for their alternative indie songs which have some psychedelic elements. The song is played in the scene where Jamal is dancing on the football field. Listening to the song always gives me flashbacks of Jamal dancin on that field.

15. Devil’s Whisper – Raury


This song is played in a scene where Ceasar enters the house, and everyone gets triggered that he kissed Olivia. Raury released this track as a counterpart to one of his other singles titled, “God’s Whisper.” The combination of group singing, guitar performance, clapping, and drums makes this tune a perfect campfire song.

14. Naturally – Amir Obe


The soundtrack was played in the scene when Ceasar kissed Olivia. “Naturally” perfectly fits this romantic scene. Amir Obe is quite a talented musician and when I listen to him at times, I tend to compare him with Khalid. The track has a unique sound and its flow is incredible.

13. Heart Attack – Oliver, De La Soul


Coming in at #13 is a track that sees Oliver team up with De La Soul in what was one of 2017’s surprise collabos. You can feel the thriller element in the song with its old-school hip-hop combination. “Heart Attack” is also featured as a soundtrack in the game FIFA 18.

12. One And Only – Blessed


The song is played when Ceasar and Monse disagree, as Monse holds Ceasar’s hand, and then it’s followed by Ceasar responding, “I am not safe.”

11. Me & My – Phil Jaxon


This is a song that shows modern rap music combined with hip-hop music. Phil Jaxon performed the song on the album, Minimum Wage.

10. Bubble Up & Double Up – Jay 305


This song is played when Cesar and his brother Oscar are sitting in the car on episode two of season one. “Bubble Up & Double Up” is one of those songs that you have to look up for and listen to when you hear them on a movie soundtrack.

9. Eye For An Eye – SiDizen King, The Strike


This song can be heard during the insertion of the series title On My Block. By just listening to this single, you feel all of the characters’ emotions in the context of what is happening in the story.

8. Parachute – AMIR


“Parachute” is performed at the end of Episode 2 and sets the scene brilliantly with excellent intensity and emotion that is consistent on all of the featured tracks. You have to hear this song for you to understand how good it is.

7. Boss – Lil Pump


The lead single from Lil Pump’s debut album was always going to appear a bit high on our list. “Boss” is played in the scene when Ruby is preparing to talk to Oscar about Cesar. “Boss” is already platinum certified by the RIAA.

6. Swag N Bang – Kirko Bangz


Listening to this magnificent score proves that this is a truly well-put-together soundtrack that preserves the great storytelling method even though songs have been rearranged around significantly to create a unique perspective of the story.

5. Sorrows – BLESSED


We probably wouldn’t have known that such a cool song exists had we not watched the movie. The underated masterpiece by BLESSED plays when the group is on its way to school before they make a stop at Cesar’s house and want to take him with them.

4. La Noche – Joe Arroyo, La Verdad


When this song first came out, Billboard referred to it as a groundbreaking hit song. The song was a must play in many of Columbia’s salsa dancing joints and was selected by Hip Latina as one of the “top 13 songs that every Columbian should listen to.”

3. Estupido – Rocket Da Goon


Coming in at number three is featured on the first episode of the TV Series. This track plays when Monse walks in front of Spooky’s car. It is an excellent single for a great scene. Whenever I listen to this song, I find myself binge watching some scenes in the movie.

2. Chévere – Happy Colors, Magic Juan


“Chévere” gives out good vibes, and it will make you want to bust your dance move regardless of where you are or whom you are with. The track is one of the strongest and most creative tunes on the album.

1. Finish Line – Daye Jack


“Finish Line” is heard at the party right at the beginning of the first episode. This hit tune catapults Daye into the spotlight. Most people became familiar with him after hearing “Finish Line.” The song features a groovy beat and Daye’s outstanding performance. The classy vintage exercise video is just out of this world.

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