The 10 Awesome Songs about Apples


An adage says, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” because of the numerous health benefits this fruit brings. From lowering cholesterol, protecting against diabetes, lowering your risk for obesity, and protection against heart disease, to boosting your bone health, there are many reasons to take an apple every day. If you’re a fan of apples, you may be wondering if there are songs about them. Here are the ten awesome songs about apples you should consider adding to your playlist.

10. “Apple Suckling Tree” by Bob Dylan


“Apple Suckling Tree” is a song by Bob Dylan released in 1975 on “The Basement Tapes.” The song has sparked numerous debates, with fans wondering what he’s talking about. Every line in that song is repetitive, making it difficult to conclude what he’s deducing, but at least it talks about apples. Best line: “Under that apple suckling tree, Oh Yeah!”

9. “Applesauce” by Animal Collective


According to Musician Authority, Animal Collective is a Baltimore, Maryland, pop group that came together in 2003. The lead singer is David “Dave” Portner, who once confessed that he loved practicing culinary skills. He would be in the kitchen preparing fruits and vegetables for his lover most of the time. That inspired him to write the song “Applesauce.” Ironically, the song talks more about his life experiences. If he can use apples to reflect on his challenges, who are we to think otherwise? Best line: “Comfort me, comfort me after the battles and sleepless nights.”

8. “The Apple Tree” by Nina Nesbitt


“The Apple Tree” is a song from the album “Peroxide (Deluxe)” sung by Nina Nesbitt. Released in 2013, this song is based on an apple orchard that Nesbitt noticed while looking outside her window. Something else about this track is that Jake Gosling and Ed Sheeran produced the singer’s EP bearing the same title at Sticky Studios. Just so you know, Sticky Studio is surrounded by an apple orchard, making the song a buzzing success. Best line: “Let’s go down to the apple tree, naïve as Adam and Eve.”

7. “Second Bite of the Apple” by Beady Eye


Beady Eye sang “Second Bite of the Apple” via the album “Be” and as an Alternative/ Indie, J-Pop, a Folk song in 2013. The band members were from an English band called Oasis. Various controversies erupted, leading to its disbandment in 2009. Liam Gallager decided to form the group after getting a second chance to perform music again, hence the idiomatic expression, “second bite of the apple.” Best line: “Shake my tree; where’s the apple for me?”

6. “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” by the Andrews Sisters


“Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” is perhaps the oldest song on this list. The Andrews Sisters released it in 1942 from the album “Pennsylvania Polka.” During this time, World War II was at its peak. The track talks about a fictional character who offers their undying love for someone, hoping they will reciprocate. They hope someone else won’t take their lover away from them. Best lines: “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. Anyone else but me.”

5. “Bad Apple” by Tribes


Tribes is a British rock band from Camden, London, formed in 2010. The band consists of Johnny Lloyd, Jim Cratchley, Dan White, and Miguel Demelo. They released a 3.47-minute track released in 2011 called “Bad Apple,” which is an idiomatic expression of bad company. The lead vocalist, Lloyd, talks about women who will stop at nothing to lead you to parties of drinking only to realize they had ill motives. You end up damaged because such a lifestyle is highly addictive and destructive in the long run. His message is to avoid such people at all costs. Best line: “This bad apple’s no friend of mine.”

4. “Apple of My Eye” by Micah G


Have you ever used the idiom “apple of my eye” on someone else and vice versa? If yes, you probably know it means they have your interest at heart. The “apple of your eye” is someone you’re ready to die for. It is no surprise that this idiomatic expression would inspire Micah G to release a song with the same title. In this track, Micah talks about loving someone who isn’t yours, hoping they’ll come to realize and be yours. The best part about this song is the combination of genres like reggae, piano, and tropical melody, making it a good-to-hear song. Best line: “Girl, you know you’re the apple of my eye.”

3. “Apple Pie” by Travis Scott


You might have known Travis Scott as Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, but what makes him even more controversial is his dark-themed songs, signifying evil. Surprisingly, his style of music is versatile, which is why he released “Apple Pie.” The song talks about his journey in the music industry as he tries to escape his mother’s life, leading to his buzzing success. Upon listening to this awesome track, you will realize he’s an ordinary guy with life experiences like any other. Best line: “Cause I don’t want your apple pie, no no mama.”

2. “Applejack” by Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton is an American country music singer and songwriter, talented in using imagery to send powerful messages. Her song, “Applejack,” talks about an apple farmer who plays the banjo. She pays tribute to two banjo players: her uncle, Phillip Owens, and Perry Lindsey. The song is based on a fictional apple farmer called Jackson Taylor, nicknamed “Applejack.” Best line: “Play a song for me, Applejack, Applejack.”

1. “10 Apples on My Head” by Kids songs- Super Simple Songs


Our best song on this list is a silly nursery rhyme performed by The Super Simple Puppets called “10 Apples on My Head.” According to Super Simple, the puppets teach small children how to balance apples and other fruits on their heads. The fact that it’s a silly song for kids makes it a popular choice for listeners who want to awaken their inner child moments. Best line: “Apples on my head, wibbly-wobbly, wibbly-wobbly….”


Apples’ idiomatic and literal expressions in songs are an excellent artistic way of communicating a message through music. Besides the health benefits, apples make the best fruits to illustrate various expressions. Listen to these songs and state your verdict as to which one is the best.

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