The 10 Best Koe Wetzel Songs of All-Time

Koe Wetzel

Besides being one of the fastest-growing musicians globally, Koe Wetzel seems to have mastered the art of personal branding. He’s among the few American singers who need no introduction. Wetzel’s releases cover a plethora of genres, but unlike some artists, he knows how to choose the best fit for every song. His commitment to please his listeners by giving them the music they seek continues to gain him immense popularity. He witnessed true support from his fans when his music was pulled following a licensing oversight. Thanks to his adherents’ intervention, his music was reinstated even though he was at fault. This article explores the top 10 Koe Wetzel songs of all time.

10. Ragweed

Acknowledging the efforts of those who laid a strong foundation for the music industry to thrive is one of the noble acts by some artists like Wetzel. His ‘Ragweed’ single from Harold Saul High album is a tribute to “Cross Canadian Ragweed,” a former American Rock Band from Oklahoma. Released in 2019, this single can take various interpretations based on the listener’s understanding of the lyrics. Some people believe that the singer is deeply in love with a girl from Texas (known for Ragweed), but her family despises him. The lyrics are about being hooked in love that’s unacceptable to those around you- family and friends.

9. Honey pain

‘Honey Pain’ is a single released in 2016 from the ‘Noise Complaint’ album. In this song, Wetzel shows emotional vulnerability, contrary to the bad-boy personality he showcases in his music. The lyrics ‘This life I live is full of heartbreak’ indicate the singer’s sorrows following repeated breakups. It’s a song where Wetzel has perfectly demonstrated his unique vocals. However, his friend Parker McCollum feels that this song has received less attention than it deserves.

8. Love

Everyone wishes to cherish their relationships forever. However, some bonds fall apart with time. This ballad from Wetzel’s album ‘Noise Complaint’ released in 2016 featuring Parker McCollum is about a failed relationship. The lyrics talk about an individual who’s unable or unwilling to reciprocate love. It’s a perfect song worth harking when your romantic relationship ends either because your partner is not committed or you are not ready to love them back.

7. Austin

‘Austin’ is a single released in 2017 from his album’ Austin’ and has become a favorite song to many. Koe’s heart bleeds in this song after learning that his past love has relocated to Austin, a city she always detested. He can’t believe that the ex has gotten over him and she’s already found a new lover whom they live with. This heart-wrenching song portrays a situation where it’s hard to understand the actions that someone may take to move on after a breakup. It also indicates how hard it is for some people to let go of their ex.

6. Too High to Cry

Have you ever been in a relationship that transformed you into a better version of yourself? The lyrics from this single from Wetzel’s Harold Saul High album show the singer’s despair after the end of a friendship that seems to have reformed him. He then contemplates going back to his old unfavorable habits believing that getting high will help erase the memories of his relationship. Sadly, he meets the love of his life while dazed by drugs and can’t recall her name. Listening to this Wetzel’s 2019 release, you’ll think twice about falling back into bad habits.

5. Drunk driving

Here is a power ballad, released in 2020. The video version of this song gave Koe’s Sellout album a popularity boost. It’s among the songs in which Wetzel portrays his vulnerability. In the lyrics ‘I can’t take it, I’m not strong, It’s probably best that I move on,’ the singer admits his weakness but resolves to march on. It’s a great song to listen to when trying to pull away from transgressions that seem to hold you back. The lyrics will keep you set on the right course.

4. Cold & Alone

This song, Cold & Alone, indicates that Koe grew up in a Christian family setting. In the lyrics, he mentions how his mum created the ideas about God Almighty, which he holds to. The song reminds us to hold on to God whenever feeling low and alone. It’s from Wetzel’s album ‘Sellout’ and was released in 2020.

3. Forever

Why would a man have feelings for his future ex? It’s a common question that many men have no answer to, including the singer of this single from Harold Saul High album. The song “Forever” was released in 2019 and featured the singer having a one-night stand with his future ex-wife, leaving him with a chip on his shoulder. Play this ballad when feeling angry for being treated unfairly.

2. Something to Talk About

Wetzel has a way with words. This single from his Noise Complaint album, which he released in 2016, is about a ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude. The lyrics portray a hurting soul tired of people talking behind their back. Instead of giving the backstabbers attention, they are determined to provide them with more content/stories to talk about. It reminds us to save our energy and let the words of those who act like friends but badmouth us echo without our response.

1. Good die young

Koe reveals his Christianity faith through this single from his Sellout album. It’s a song about prayer in times of despair. The singer talks about having no hope even though his situation seems better. He mentions his mother praying for him and Jesus affirming His care for him. If in a hopeless situation and scared of what will befall next, this is an excellent song that will help restore your hope, giving you a reason to remain optimistic.


Koe is a great genre-bending artist whose musical talent was first triggered by his mother from a tender age. Though he abandoned music and joined sports at some point, it didn’t take long for his musical talent to outshine his love for football. Since 2012 Koe Wetzel has been offering his listeners sweet melodies that will get anyone hooked, these ten songs are worth a portion of your playlist space.

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  1. I think you missed the suicide context in both Drunk Driving and Good Die Young there. Those songs are not meant to be inspirational on any way, they both talk about him pretty much giving up on life.

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