The 10 Best House of Lords Songs of All-Time

House of the Lords

House of Lords is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 1987 by ex-Angel members James Christian (singer) and George Lynch (guitarist) and drummer Ken Mary, and bassist Chuck Wright. House of Lords did not release their self-titled debut album until 1989, after signing a deal with RCA Records. While the band was recording their second album for RCA, Lynch left to join Dokken and was replaced by guitarist Robert Sarzo. The band’s third album, “Sahara,” became a success, thanks to the single “I Wanna Be Loved” House of Lords released seven albums during their first run from 1989–1993. After a short hiatus, House of Lords returned in 2000 with former Judas Priest frontman Tim’ Ripper’ Owens as their lead singer. The band has been active ever since and has released four albums with Owens. Here is a list of their ten best songs:

10. Can’t Find My Way Home – 1990


This song was written by Steve Winwood and released in 1968 on Blind Faith’s debut album. House of Lords covered this classic song for their third studio album, “Sahara.” Lead guitarist Robert Sarzo said that he listened to the original version every time he picked up his guitar during the recording process. The band hired singer James Christian’s old friend Paul Shortino to record the vocals. The song was released as a single, which proved that House of Lords could do something other than hard rock/heavy metal music.

9. Precious Metal – 2014


House of Lords released their tenth studio album “Precious Metal” in 2014. The band members are the same as in 1993 when they split up. The album was recorded with producer/guitarist Chris Collier who also played rhythm guitar. New drummer Kenny Chaisson made his debut on this album. “Precious Metal” is the first House of Lords album not to feature their well-known guitar player and co-founder George Lynch. However, Lynch’s replacement Robert Sarzo was present as a guest musician on the album. The single “Precious Metal” was featured on U.S. cable network AXS TV’s live concert series “AXS Live.”

8. Harlequin – 2017


“Harlequin” is the first single from House of Lords’ eleventh studio album “Saint of Lost Souls.” The song was written by James Christian, Robert Sarzo, and Paul Taylor. It has a symphonic-style opening before it goes into hectic heavy rock. “Saint of Lost Souls” was released in June 2017. It is the first album to feature new drummer Sarzo, who replaced Kenny Chaisson on its previous release “Precious Metal” (2014).

7. What’s Forever For – 1992


What’s Forever For was released as part of the Demons Down album in May 1992. After James Christian left the group, the band had already gone through several lineup changes and started to look for a new lead singer. They found singer Jody Henry and recorded this song as his first single with House of Lords. Lead guitarist Robert Sarzo said that he flipped a coin to decide who would sing lead vocals on the song. He lost, and James Christian got the job. “What’s Forever For” is a mid-tempo power ballad which was popular at that time.

6. Battle – 2014


The song Battle is a speed metal tune written by James Christian, Robert Sarzo, and Paul Taylor. It was released as the first single from House of Lords’ tenth studio album “Precious Metal” (2014) which features Tim’ Ripper’ Owens on vocals. Guitarist Chris Collier said they wanted to include at least one-speed metal song on the album and wrote two: Battle and another track called “Shoot It Out.” The latter features live footage of Owens singing in a studio accompanied by House of Lords’ music.

5. Remember My Name – 1990


Remember My Name was released on the Sahara album in 1990. It is a mid-tempo power ballad with two music videos released: the international version and a special version for Japan. This song’s lyrics are about a man who finally tells his girlfriend that he sees another girl while dating her. He was willing to leave this other woman, but now he realizes that she was “the one.” House of Lords chose an international version of this music video that featured the band and model Carmen Electra during a futuristic show.

4. Someday When – 2011


“Someday When” is a power ballad written by James Christian and Robert Sarzo. The first single from House of Lords’ ninth studio album “Big Money” (2011), featuring new lead singer Lawrence Gowan known for his work with Styx. The song’s music video features Gowan singing in front of a white screen with the band playing in the background.

3. Love Don’t Lie – 2011


“Love Don’t Lie” is a power ballad written by James Christian, Robert Sarzo, and Paul Taylor. The first single from House of Lords’ ninth studio album “Big Money” (2011). The band wanted to record something that would sound like Styx’s best-known songs. Guitarist Chris Collier said that he did a lot of songwriting for this album and got the melodies from James Christian. He did not have a chance to write many songs with his lyrics, so he had no problem working with other people’s material.

2. Go To Hell – 2015


“Go To Hell” was the first single from House of Lords’ eleventh studio album “Indestructible” (2015). The song features a melodic opening followed by fast-paced heavy metal riffs. It is about a man who walks out on his relationship despite being told that he will never be happy without her. In the end, the man realizes that he was wrong and needs to go back home. House of Lords’ version of the song “Go To Hell” is different from Michael Benatar’s original recording released in 1983.

1. I want to Be Loved – 1988


“I Wanna Be Loved” is a power ballad written by James Christian and J.R. Sarzo. It was the first single from House of Lords’ self-titled debut album (1988). Lead guitarist Robert Sarzo explained that they wanted to write something different from what Whitesnake or Dio was doing at that time. He would say the song is about sex if you ask him, though James Christian wrote it as a love song.


House of Lords is a band releasing great music for more than 30 years, and they continue to do so. All ten songs in this list are worth listening to and studying (lyrics, music videos) because House of Lords doesn’t make badly written or sung songs. They are true professionals. And I think everybody should know that.

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