Ranking All the Songs from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Blues Brothers

The story behind the comedy movie Blues Brothers was about the redemption of some paroled convict Jack and one of his blood brothers called Elwood. The two began a God’s mission to save a Roman Catholic Orphanage that was so close to their heart from being closed. The Orphanage was dear to them since it was like their home because it’s where they got raised. Time was ticking for the two brothers who were released from jail to complete their mission because they only had two days remaining to reassemble their old R&B band group while trying to outrun the police in Chicago. The film became a cult because of the soundtracks used in it. This article is a guide on ranking all the songs from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack. From the film, the two brothers, after getting the hint of the closer of the Orphanage, needed to have one big performance to raise the money to save it. When a group of musicians and actors can put all their soul and energy to do what they love most for a good cause, it can be fun for them. It is where their true heart and soul for making quality music will showcase at its best. These are the rankings for the best song in the soundtrack.

11. Jailhouse Rock (Performed by Blues Brothers, James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, and the Crew)


Originally, Jailhouse Rock was done by Elvis Presley in 1957. The soundtrack arrangement in the movie was great, which reached top charts in the US and top 10 across several countries’ top charts. The song was recognized by the Grammy Hall of Fame panel and the American Film Institute.

10. Sweet Home Chicago (Performed by Blues Brothers)


According to many people who have watched the film, their views are that it is the only song performed in the money that one can listen to outside the movie. In the film, it has cutouts.

9. Minnie the Moocher (Cab Calloway)


This song soundtrack has many covers and various re-recordings done globally. It is the only soundtrack in the movie that had better sounds than the original. Cab Calloway, when performing it, brought the magic even at his old age in his seventies. The performance was scintillating and entertaining; even if the set kept changing, you could forget what was happening.

8. Theme from Rawhide (Performed by Blues Brothers)


Theme from Rawhide was composed in 1958 by Dimitri Tiomkin. The song’s theme is about a drover’s job that carries his duty on the cattle drive. It has also been used in a western television series called Rawhide and has become one of the top 100 western songs of all time.

7. Think (Performed by Aretha Franklin)


Think was a fantastic song that was done with a better vocal arrangement. Teddy White and Aretha Franklin wrote it. The movie was performed by Aretha Franklin, the Blue Brothers. Margaret Branch, Elwood, Brenda Corbett, and Carolyn Franklin were backed up in a 3.13-minute performance. This song reached position seven on the Billboard Hot 100. Billboard described it as pulsating swinger, and they predicted it would reach over millions in sales. According to Classic Rock History, it also made it to the top 200 greatest songs done in the 1960s by reaching position 15 on the list.

6. The Old Landmark (Performed by James Brown and James Cleveland’s California choir)


This song was also known as “Let Us Go back to the Old Landmark. It was a gospel song that was initially done by Herber Brester in 1949. Virginia Davis rearranged it later, and it has been redone by many other artists such as Aretha Franklin, Sweet Honey, and Dione Warwick. James Brown sang it in the film and performed it with the Reverend James Cleveland choir.

5. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love. (Performed by Blues Brothers)


This number was fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable, and many enjoyed the beats and rhythm. It was performed by the brothers in 1978 and made a soundtrack in 1980. Solomon Burke initially did the song. It did not make it into the chats when it first came out. Later, when Wilson Picket did its cover in 1966, it moved up the charts to position twenty-nine in pop charts. It also did well in R&B charts as it closed at number nineteen. Everyone enjoys it, even if it is only featured for a minute in the movie.

4. Shake a Tail Feather (Performed by Ray Charles and the Blues Brothers)


This song was played when Elwood and Jake decided to go and visit Curtis at the Orphanage. According to Jake and Elwood Blues, the dancing in the movie soundtrack is what drew so many people to love it.

3. Peter Gunn Theme (Performed by Blues Brothers)


This theme song was composed by Henry Mancini for a television series by the same name. It was released in 1959 and has won an Emmy Award and two Grammys awards. The track derives its theme from rock and roll compared to jazz and it has been rearranged by many artists worldwide. A version of the song has reached the second spot on the US dance chart, 14th in Canada, eight in the UK, and position 50 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song has also won a Grammy award for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

2. Gimme Some Lovin (Performed by Blues Brothers)


When this song was performed in the comedy movie in 1978, it did not look like it was going to win the hearts of many at that time when the boys were performing it on stage. However, when the song entered the US Billboard top 100, it received enough love from listeners, and it moved up the charts to reach position eighteen at some point in 1980. This soundtrack also did well on RPM Canada chats as it reached number twenty-two in the top singles. The original version of this song was done and recorded by Steve Winwood back in 1966, and it became the number seven hit song from his album.

1. She Caught the Katy (Performed by Blues Brothers)


In the movie, this song was invented to create the movie opening. The words in it make little sense to many, but John Belushi’s perfect blues vocals made it a good listen on the way he nailed it. It is a perfect song both in and outside the movie. It is believed to be Judy Belushi’s favorite blue song in the film. The movie Blues Brothers is an excellent movie to watch as you enjoy all these scintillating soundtracks we’ve talked about and the mission of the two brothers, which was for a good cause. You can also listen to the songs on various stream sites.

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