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James Hetfield Pays Tribute To Mother of METALLICA

METALLICA‘s James Hetfield makes honest statements following the death of Marsha Zazula. This year started badly for the metal music world.

Marsha Zazula passed away because of cancer on January 10th at 68. Zazula was best known for the co-founder of Megaforce, which hosted the debut albums of METALLICA and ANTHRAX.

METALLICA vocalist James Hetfield paid tribute to Marsha Zazula. For METALLICA, Marsha Zazula and her husband Jon were very important. James said they were like a family.

James Hetfield spoke to Blabbermouth. Hetfield has hailed Zazula for being the “mother” of METALLICA.

James said: “She made great sacrifices for METALLICA to grow. Thank you, Marsha. Love and positive energy to the Zazula family.”

He added: “Marsha Z is the Metal Matriarch of the East Coast. She was our mother when I had none.”

Megaforce was the first company to release METALLICA‘s first works, including ‘Kill’ Em All’ and its follow-up ‘Ride the Lightning’ from 1983, directed by Zazula and her husband Jon.

Besides METALLICA, Megaforce has a great meaning for ANTHRAX. Because Megaforce also housed heavy metal acts such as Anthrax, Testament King’s X, Overkill, Bad Brains, and Meat Puppets.

ANTHRAX said: “It’s with much sadness that we hear of the passing of Marsha Zazula. A true pioneer along with Jonny Z.

Those two were responsible for changing all our lives. Hard to put into words what a world this might be without their belief and dedication to metal and all of us. Our love to her family.”


METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich also paid tribute on an Instagram post.

“Thank you Marsha for making it happen. For supporting us, for encouraging us, for advising us, for sheltering us, for feeding us, and most importantly for cheering us on and along with your husband Jonny, believing in the possibilities of how a gang of misfits and outsiders like ourselves could connect with a larger and likeminded audience.”


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