10 Awesome Mother-Daughter Songs

Mother/Daughter Love

The love between mother and daughter is one of the world’s purest and most profound bonds. Daughters try to emulate their mothers, and mothers try to guide and protect their daughters – it is the ultimate relationship. If you want to commemorate your relationship with your mother or daughter through music, nothing does this better than these 10 amazing Mother Daughter Songs.

10. The Mother by Brandi Carlile

The Mother is a beautiful serenade written by Brandi Carlile for her daughter, Evangeline Ruth Carlile. The song captures the wondrous rewards and tireless devotion of motherhood. Taste of Country has called the video “…a poignant tribute to the selfless women who raise us…”

9. Mother by Ashanti

Ashanti released Mother in 2008 as part of her Declaration album. In it, she sings about all the sacrifices her mother has made for her and thanks her for not leaving her. The lyrics are as beautiful as Ashanti’s voice as she serenades her mother, singing, “I appreciate your love and all your sacrifice/Without you by my side, I never could survive.”

8. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

Because You Loved Me was originally composed to commemorate the love between a man and woman, but it has since been adapted to parent-child relationships. It is a top go-to song for daughters and mothers because the lyrics capture everything a mother does for their daughter, like being their ‘strength when you are weak’ or ‘voice when you couldn’t speak. Thanks to its masterful composition, this song was nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Award and won a Grammy in 1996.

7. Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s remarkable voice is on full display on Oh Mother. She sings about a mother and daughter dealing with an abusive and absent father. After making the bold decision to put her daughter first, the mother is rewarded by this song of gratitude, telling her that they are stronger and will never get hurt again. Aguilera sings, “So, mother, I thank you/For all you’ve done and still do.”

6. A Mother Like You by JJ Heller

JJ Heller wrote A Mother Like You in 2019 after giving birth to her daughter. The lyrics, “I hope that I love like you do because I know that this world would be better if everyone had a mother like you,” echo her appreciation for her mother for all she gave and taught her. She says that her mother means everything to her, and she, JJ, wants to be a mother like her mother. Additionally, the song encapsulates all the trials and hardships of motherhood and how bravely women shoulder the burden.

5. In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

In My Daughter’s Eyes charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003. In her powerful soprano, McBride sings of a mother who remains strong in the face of challenges because she is a hero in her daughter’s eyes. The mother also hopes that the daughter will one day realize how happy she made her. The stunning Kansas-born singer underscores the track with, “I see who I want to be/In my daughter’s eyes.”

4. If It Wasn’t for A Woman by Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler wrote If It Wasn’t For a Woman as a tribute to her grandmother, Faye, who she applauded as an influential mother figure in her life. The soulful piano ballad was written alongside Pickler’s friend Brian Bunn and husband Kyle Jacobs, making it even more special to Pickler. In an interview with Taste of Country she said that the song was special because “… it’s about a special person that I was blessed to call ‘mom.” Pickler, her friend, and her husband wrote the song on the anniversary of Faye’s death in memory of her strength and legacy.

3. Blue by Beyoncé

Queen B released Blue in 2012 as part of her Beyoncé album. She wrote the song for Blue Ivy Carter, her daughter with Jay-Z, capturing the feeling of motherhood. In the ballad, Beyoncé explains how being a mother has made her feel more alive and how she wishes she could rap every memory of her daughter forever. Queen B was quick to point out in an Elle interview that she felt “reborn” and her “quest for self became even stronger” after having Blue Ivy.

2. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

Mama’s Song is a beautiful rendition that will fit perfectly into a wedding dance. Carrie Underwood sings about a daughter who, on her wedding day, is assuring her mother that her soon-to-be husband is a good man. Even better, the daughter is promising her mother that she will never leave her even though she is getting married. The lyrics are heartfelt and sure to drive any mother and daughter to tears as they celebrate such a special occasion. As Underwood sings, “There’s no way you’ll ever lose me/ And giving me away is not goodbye.”

1. I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womac

Our number one pick for the best mother-daughter song is I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. In this soulful track, Womack sings to her daughter, encouraging her to be fearless and to take chances in life. She reassures her that it is okay to make mistakes and it is better to try and fail rather than sit on the rails and let life pass her by. As Womack puts it, “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder/You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger.” This is the perfect mother-daughter song for any joyous occasion, be it a wedding, graduation, or birthday. In fact, over twenty artists have covered this song since it was released – a testimony to its timelessness.


Mothers and daughters share a special connection, and Mother Daughter Songs help celebrate, elevate, and strengthen these relationships. If you have a mother-daughter event coming up, like to listen to music with your mother or daughter, or would like to appreciate their presence in your life, you can add these beautiful tracks to your playlist.

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