The 10 Best Dirty Honey Songs of All-Time

Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey is a California-based rock band. They dropped their self-titled EP in the spring of 2019. Later that year, they took on a supporting slot on a bill with Josh Todd and Buckcherry that same summer. They were nominated for Best New Rock/Alternative Artist the following year at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The band also came back with a brand-new single in “When I’m Gone,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. Ahead of their debut album California Dreamin’ hitting shelves this spring, it seemed like an opportune time to take stock of Dirty Honey’s back catalog. As it stands, the band has only released one EP but still manages to boast a solid ten tracks that are jam-packed with catchy hooks and guitar riffs for days. Rock bands from the 80s highly influence their music, style, and sound. Everything about them, their music, sound, and look screams of classic rock. This young band is here to remind us that rock is alive and well.

10. Last Child (2021)


‘Last Child’ is one of Dirty Honey’s self-titled EP singles. The song is about returning home after being tired on the road, you know. You are seeing the world and all that. It’s also about maybe missing your loved ones. It starts with a steady drumbeat and some pretty good guitar work. The song’s story is told in a very descriptive way, but it’s not one of those songs that go on forever with an ongoing monologue about something or another.

9. Gypsy (2021)


‘Gypsy’ is one of those songs with an upbeat sound and somewhat eerie lyrics. It’s about not knowing what to do with your life, so you keep running around and looking for love in all the wrong places, but it’s okay. It’s a perfect song for those weekends when you don’t know what to do. It doesn’t have a strong hook or anything, but it’s catchy. As a rock fan, you will love the guitarist’s touch and harmony in the overall beat.

8. Tied Up (2021)


‘Tied Up’ is a dreamy little song about being tied up by your lover with “no good excuse.” The thing you have to keep in mind here, though, is that the narrator loves it. You are tied up, stuck with no way out. It is a song that has an easygoing vibe, making it perfect for those laid-back nights when you don’t want to do anything. And have a drink or something.

7. Another Last Time (2021)


‘Another Last Time’ is a song about a man who doesn’t want to let go of a toxic lover. He misses the good times but knows that he has to move on. You have to keep in mind here that this isn’t an angry breakup song at all — it’s quite sad. The singer wants one last time with her before saying goodbye for good. It is a great song if you’re coming out of an emotionally tumultuous relationship where the other person was not worth it. It’s a song you want to be listening to when you’re not feeling anything because it’s a song that reminds you to pick up your broken pieces and move on.

6. Fire Away (2018)


‘Fire Away,’ the lead single from Dirty Honey’s album Fire Away, is a song about loss, heartbreak, and starting all over again. Many people’s go-to “moving on” anthem because it reminds you that life goes on. It continues to move even if you’re not ready for it. It’s also about being brave enough to wipe away the last tear. The fire represents life. It’s not an angry breakup song, but it does have a hard-hitting chorus that makes you want to headbang along with it.

5. California Dreamin’ (2021)


‘California Dreaming,’ one of the singles Dirty Honey released for their debut album, is about wanting to escape. It’s about having your head on some other place and wishing you were there instead of where you are now. The verses talk about how things aren’t working out at home. It’s a song that can be related to by anyone who feels stuck in their life. It took position #12 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay billboard chart in 2019.

4. The Wire (2021)


‘The Wire’ is another one of Dirty Honey’s songs about wanting to escape. It’s more specifically about how this person can’t get out of their situation, but they want to get out. They wish they could run away and leave the pain behind, but they know it isn’t possible because the wire they’re on is holding them back. The song was released as part of Dirty Honey’s self-titled EP and captured the feeling of stuckness in life well.

3. Let’s Go Crazy (2021)


‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is one of Dirty Honey’s more popular songs. It talks about trying not to think too much about life because it can get overwhelming at times, especially when you feel like your world is crashing down on you. It’s another song that provides an escape with its easygoing vibe. You can expect this piece to make you feel like a free spirit.

2. Rolling 7s (2019)


The title track of Dirty Honey’s debut album, ‘Rolling 7s’ is about taking risks in life. The song was position #3 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay billboard chart in 2019. Something about this song makes it perfect for listening to while driving the open road, windows down. It’s more about the extra chance you get in life that can lead you to something bigger than what you expected.

1. When I’m Gone (2021)


‘When I’m Gone,’ the track that’s included on Dirty Honey’s self-titled EP, is a song about having to strike out on your own so you can be able to stand. It talks about being stuck in this place where no one has ever really had hope for you. It also talks about how it feels seeing all this potential being wasted while you’re just standing by, not knowing what to do about it. ‘When I’m Gone is a strong message for all the kids out there who feel like they have no one on their side or who don’t think anyone cares about them.


Dirty Honey is one of the most underrated bands out there. They deserve so much more than what they’re getting while they continue to make amazing music. They make songs that can be related to by people (young and old), and they do it innovatively. It’s shocking to see a rock band with such an innovative sound yet not as famous as some other bands out there, but it’s part of their charm.

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