Machine Head shares a making-of for the “Circle The Drain” song

Machine Head just shares a making-of video their upcoming new song “Circle The Drain” release soon.

The band appears to be releasing a second single soon titled a few times after. Last month, the band frontman Robb Flynn confirmed to “Robb’s MetalWorks” that Machine Head will release another new single in February 2020. This is a follow-up ‘Do Or Die’, which due out last October. The band’s fans also describe the last song which had lyrics aimed at all the band’s detractors. Vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn also got into a tiff with Dope over the song. According to YouTube description of the making-of reads as follows:

“In March 2018 Robb [Flynn] began work on a new song, over the next 6 months a crazy series of events would lead to what would become MACHINE HEAD’s new track ‘Circle The Drain’, but not before some hysterical detours, and some downright sad moments.”

Also, Robb Flynn talks about Machine Head plans to come out new music and more:

Here are the Robb Flynn thoughts for the upcoming album:

“I’m always writing. I just kind of am writing. I think what the plan, going forward, is we’re gonna write and then record. Rather than focus on an album every three years, which is kind of the pattern we’ve gotten into — about every three to four years, we drop a record — to just have a steady stream of standalone singles. And then some of those singles may end up on the next record, along with probably five or six other new songs, or they may not — we’re still trying to figure it out.”

“I love how the music industry has changed. I love the power of the digital stuff and the ease of getting it out there to the fans. And I think we’re just gonna keep doing that, man. I love the idea of dropping a new song every three or four months, rather than an album every three or four years. So we’re gonna keep on doing that, and I’m excited about it.”

Then the fan response to ‘Do Or Die’ song was “great” He added: “It’s already at over a million streams on Spotify. We dropped it out of nowhere — no announcement; no anything.”

Machine Head continues The North American leg of the “Burn My Eyes” 25th-anniversary tour in California on February 21th, 2020. Watch the making-of video below.

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