Born of Osiris Releases A Music Video for “Angel or Alien”

Born of Osiris Releases A Music Video for "Angel or Alien"

Born of Osiris released a music video for their next album’s title track Angel or Alien. With the recent music video they shared (below), the band announced their next album as well. The album Angel or Alien is going to be released on July 2nd. You can see where to listen to the album or pre-order it here. The lyrics accompanied by some hard vocals and impressive guitar work are quite emotional in Angel or Alien.  Also, have a look at just how emotional the band in is in the video:


Recently he members of the band had some opinions on their latest song to share. While McKinney talked about his thoughts on the music video and the album, Joe Buras explained the song’s lyrics.

Born of Osiris guitarist McKinney: “We couldn’t be more excited”

Here’s what the guitarist of Born of Osiris had to say about their new album, its title track, and the music video. It seems the band had a hard time shooting the video, but it was all worth it.

“After what has been an extremely trying year for the world, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you our new album, ‘Angel Or Alien’. We feel like we brought the best elements from each album in our discography and combined them into what you will hear on ‘Angel Or Alien’. So, no matter what album you favor in our discography, this one should shine. We tried to refine and improve on each aspect that makes us BORN OF OSIRIS, and I think it’s apparent on this record.”

Guitarist Lee McKinney on shooting the music video for Angel or Alien

“The ‘Angel Or Alien’ music video was actually extremely challenging for the band and crew. We wanted to walk out into the desert where there were no footprints and find the right spot for the performance shots. I’m sure you can imagine everyone loading guitars, drums, cabs, cameras, power, etc. across the desert with each step you take sinking six inches into the sand.”

“It all lead up to a moment I’ll never forget — everything set up on top of a dune in the desert, performing with my best friends and a great crew of amazing people filming, and looking over the desert in between takes as the sun set. I’ll never forget the moments we shared that day. I think I can speak for the band AND camera crew when I say that we truly hope you love the final product, it was both a challenge and a pleasure to create.”

Vocalist Joe Buras: “You can shine like an Angel or hide like an Alien”

The band’s vocalist and keyboardist Joe Buras had some words to utter as well. He spoke about the meaning of the lyrics of their new album’s title track.

“There is a longing for connection. It’s not always easy and we crave it whether we know it or sometimes not. We get lost in thought at times but we always have to end up facing the world, exposed to the earth. You can shine like an Angel or hide like an Alien. Either way your heart and time are going towards the future and the end.”

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