10 Best Punk Goes Albums Ranked

Chances are, you have a favorite cover song or two. If you listen to pop-punk, metalcore or related genre from the scene, you’ve probably heard of Punk Goes. Punk Goes is a series of compilations featuring mostly covers except for a few tracks on the occasional release. Below, we’ve ranked the Punk Goes series of covers in our 10 best Punk Goes albums ranked list.

10. Punk Goes 90s 2

Punk Goes 90s features, as you guessed it, covers of 90s songs from Fearless Records bands and beyond. This was one of the newer releases in the Punk Goes series, being the 5th most recent, out of 19. Punk Goes 90s 2 features covers of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Lit, Green Day and more across various genres. The bands that performed these covers of such songs are Mayday Parade, The Color Morale, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and more.


9. Punk Goes Pop 7

Punk Goes Pop 7 is the newest entry in the Punk Goes Pop series. Covers ranging from Shawn Mendez to Bruno Mars to Justin Bieber and more. One pretty interesting song created from this specific entry in the series was Dance Gavin Dance’s cover. The band did the cover justice by staying true to the original for the most part vocally. Lyrically however, the band changed the song to fit the band more. Covers like this are few are far between and this cover showed what the power of Punk Goes can do. The unique style on these covers individually helped earn this album its placement on our best Punk Goes albums ranked list.


8. Punk Goes 90s

Punk Goes 90s is the first edition in the aforementioned Punk Goes 90s series, and featured covers of artists such as Oasis and Nirvana. Some of the most well known and influential 90s bands were covered by bands such as Gym Class Heroes, Eighteen Visions, and Plain White T’s which on its own shows the variety of bands inspired by these artists.


7. Punk Goes Christmas

While not an album that would normally be listened to any time of the year, Punk Goes Christmas makes Christmas music better and acceptable year-round. This album features original music and covers this time around. A deluxe edition of Punk Goes Christmas was released sometime after featuring bonus tracks.


6. Punk Goes 80s

Punk Goes 80s is one of the earlier Punk Goes series, making much more use of pop music, even though the original Punk Goes Pop was released earlier than this. While bands may not have been entirely inspired by the bands they cover here, such as Manic Monday by Relient K, but they may represent an important part of a band members life or career. There’s always a reason to cover the songs that the bands do and while we don’t always know why it’s interesting to see what songs bands show interest in.


5. Punk Goes Acoustic

Punk Goes Acoustic is one of the more interesting themed Punk Goes albums, with bands doing acoustic renditions of songs that don’t normally have them for streaming or physically otherwise. For our best Punk Goes albums ranked list we chose Punk Goes Acoustic over the next two in the series due to their popularity maintaining over time and their overall quality. We haven’t gotten a new Punk Goes album in a few years but most recently Punk Goes Acoustic 3 was released and can be found here.


4. Punk Goes Pop 5

Punk Goes Pop 5 is yet another entry in the Punk Goes Pop series that made our best Punk Goes albums ranked list. Being that out of the 19 editions of Punk Goes, Pop makes up a bigger portion than any other edition in the series that’s no surprise. This time around we got some features to add some extra dynamic to these covers. One of the more interesting covers is the Mayday Parade cover of Somebody That I Used To Know with Pierce The Veil vocalist Vic Fuentes.


3. Punk Goes Classic Rock

Punk Goes Classic Rock was one of the more surprising album released under the Punk Goes title. This album is one of the entries in the series that has yet to get a second volume. Bands such as I See Stars and Never Shout Never are featured on the album, covering The Outfield and Queen, respectively.


2. Punk Goes Pop 6

Punk Goes Pop 6 earned the title of mightiest Pop entry in the Punk Goes series in our best Punk Goes albums ranked list. While it didn’t earn number one, Punk Goes Pop 6 features some of the strongest covers ever seen in the series. Some of the bands supplying the covers of Punk Goes Pop 6 are Oceans Ate Alaska, Volumes, Knuckle Puck and more.


1. Punk Goes Crunk

Punk Goes Crunk is not only the most interesting but also the very first in the entire Punk Goes series. This entry seemed to represent rap music more than anything else. Punk Goes Pop over time, however, has evolved into a combination of itself and Crunk with the amount of rap songs featured on the entries of the series.


Overall, there’s a lot of covers and compilations out there but Punk Goes has had a long-standing name in the game with their unique and nontraditional recruiting of bands for the covers.

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