The 10 Best Slaughter Songs of All-Time

Slaughter is a US-based rock/glam metal band from Las Vegas, formed in 1988. It comprises the lead singer and guitarist Mark Slaughter, and Dana Strum, the bassist. The boy band was first recognized in 1990 after releasing their debut album, Stick It To Ya. As of now, they have five studio albums; the last one was released in 1999. Here are the ten best Slaughter songs of all time.

10. Nothing Left to Lose (1999)


According to SlaughterUSA, “Nothing Left to Lose” is the eleventh song from Slaughter’s Back to Reality album. The story revolves around a man abandoned by his lover. He recalls the special moments they shared and doesn’t regret them. It’s unclear why they broke up, but all he can say is he’s got nothing to lose after she left. Sometimes, the only way to get over someone is to let them go. It doesn’t matter how long your relationship lasts, but holding on to it can cause more devastation.

9. You’re My Everything (1997)


“You’re My Everything” is the eleventh single from Slaughter’s fourth studio album, Revolution. The first verse starts with the singer saying he feels like he’s walking on an empty highway. As he kept hoping for a miracle, the woman he was madly in love with appeared. The singer finishes the song by saying she’s his everything. This song might rub you off the wrong way unless you’ve never been in love with someone special. Overall, it’s an excellent piece to listen to when in love.

8. Up All Night (1990)


According to MusicVF, “Up All Night” is a third title written by Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum for the debut studio album. The song peaked at 21 on the US Album Rock Tracks and 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its video was directed by Michael Bay and was placed on the New York Times list of the 15 Essential Hair-Metal Videos.

7. Shout It Out (1991)


Do you ever feel like people are prying so much into your life that the only thing left is to let it all out? Anyone can go through this episode in life, including celebrities. The best way to deal with people lying about you is to ignore them if shouting it out seems impractical. “Shout It Out” is a song by Slaughter, released in 1991 for their debut album. From the lyrics, you can quickly tell that the band was undergoing the worst side of fame, so all they did was shout it out.

6. Mad About You (1990)


Another fantastic song from Slaughter’s debut album, Stick It to Yah, is “Mad About You.” Released in 1990, the song peaked at three on the US Billboard 100 and 37th on the US Rock songs. It was written by the lead singer, Mark Slaughter, and bassist, Dana Strum. Like other songs on this list, this track talks about a man who is madly in love with a woman. It’s not clear who the woman in question is, but it’s a fantastic track to dedicate to your lover.

5. Fly To The Angels (1990)


We’ve all lost our loved ones at some point, and that’s the worst feeling ever. Hearing news of their death sends shivers down your spine. It takes time to accept that they’re gone forever, so the only thing left is moving on. “Fly to The Angels” is a melancholy ballad from the glam metal band that shows the misery people feel after losing a loved one. No matter how deeply you feel for your loved ones, the best thing to do is honor them by lighting a candle because life has to go on.

4. Spend My Life (1990)


“Spend My Life” is one of the biggest hits that Slaughter released for their 1990 debut album, Stick It To Ya. According to All Music, the album achieved double platinum status in the US. The first stanza describes a man feeling empty until he meets his love interest. It’s an excellent romantic song to dedicate to your lover despite the challenges your relationship has faced.

3. The Wild Life (1992)


“The Wild Life” is the third song from Slaughter’s second studio album with the same title. The story revolves around a young person looking to join the “bad” guys because they don’t have any experience in life. The singer compares their adrenaline to “fire and ice.” Imagine making decisions without thinking about the consequences, only to realize that there’s more to life than exploring your wild side. This made the album it came from successful, bagging gold certification.

2. Days Gone By (1992)


“Days Gone By” is a fantastic track from Slaughter that they released in 1992. The lead singer, Mark Slaughter, must have missed an old friend and couldn’t wait to meet them after many years. He remembers when they were best friends and shares how hollow he’s felt since they parted ways. It’s too late to bring up the old memories, but he hopes they can start from where they left. It’s an excellent song to dedicate to an old flame or friend.

1. Real Love (1992)


“Real Love” is the eighth single from Slaughter’s second studio album, The Wild Life. It talks about a man in love with a woman, but she hasn’t noticed yet. Before shooting its video, the lead singer invited Shannon Doherty, a Beverly Hills actress, to feature in it. Rumors have it that Mark Slaughter was so in love with Doherty that he couldn’t choose anyone else to feature in the video. The song’s lyrics and background instrumentals will wow you, whether it’s a rumor or the truth.


The 1990s was Slaughter’s most significant break through, with Mark Slaughter leading the band. His powerful vocals and talent in songwriting speak volumes about how glam metal has evolved. Some sources say Slaughter’s performance dwindled when the lead singer developed vocal problems. After his surgery, his voice became more powerful than ever. Currently, the group prides itself on doing live gigs and world tours. Could this be the end of Slaughter, or will they grace our screens with subsequent albums? You never know as no human is limited.

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