10 Awesome Songs about Grandpa

There is just something special about the relationship between grandfathers and other members of the family. They often take on the role of mentor, protector, comedic relief and even partner-in-crime (in a good way).

The fact that such a relationship is so special is evidenced by the sheer number of songs you can find about grandfathers. Below are 10 of the best songs, many of them with an emotional flair. It’s even worth noting that there should be at least one honorable mention here- “Angels Among Us” by Alabama was released in 1993.

The listener can use the song to fit the circumstances of their own life but you can bet, there are more than a few who are reaching for the tissues as they reminisce about a favorite grandfather that was nothing short of awesome. Try giving that and the other songs on the list a listen.

10. When I Get Where I’m Going (Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton)

This is a song that talks about someone who has lost his grandfather. He misses him very much and as such, he constantly strives to make him proud. Even though the grandfather is no longer living, he remains a steadfast influence on the individual telling the story.

This person wants to do things the way he believes his grandfather would have done them, largely because he was so important in his life. The song culminates with him saying that when his own life is done and he sees his grandfather again, he wants to be able to look him in the eye and truthfully tell him that he always did his best.

9. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away (Justin Moore)

This is another song about losing a grandparent and missing them terribly. In this case, the storyteller has lost their grandfather and they are wishing that they could simply talk to them. The lyrics discuss knowing that he is still with them, yet struggling with the knowledge that they won’t be able to have the same relationship that the two have always shared.

8. My Angel (Kellie Pickler)

Okay, this song was originally written about the singer’s grandmother, but songs (like other art) are subjective. That means you, the listener, can use the lyrics to remember your favorite grandfather. The singer speaks of knowing they have an angel watching over them at all times. There is no doubt that many grandfathers fit into that category.

7. Grandpa Told Me So (Kenny Chesney)

Have you ever known someone who seemed to have it all figured out? As you grow older, you’ll likely realize that no one has everything figured out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in your life that always seem to know what to do when the going gets rough.

That is exactly what this song is about. It comes down to learning to follow the advice of someone you love, even when you don’t entirely understand at the time.

6. I Wish Grandpas Never Died (Riley Green)

Nobody wants to lose someone they love. It’s painful, often in the extreme. Unfortunately, pain is the price we all pay for love. The more you love someone, the more grief you will experience when they pass away. That being said, it would be even more painful to never experience love at all. That is exactly what this particular song speaks to.

5. He Walked On Water (Randy Travis)

This song is another example of what it means to love someone so much, you practically worship the ground they walk on (or in this case, water). Those of us who have been lucky enough to have someone like this in our life knows how much we come to lean on that individual. Many of us are also keenly aware of what it feels like to lose such an individual.

4. Grandpa (Justin Moore)

That’s right, this song is from the very same Justin Moore that appears earlier in the list. Clearly, his own grandfather played a pivotal role in his life. While the previous song centers on the pain of his grandfather’s death, this one tells the story of his life. It’s all about the things that made his grandfather who he was in life. In short, the singer doesn’t want his grandfather to be forgotten. Therefore, he has chosen to tell his story.

3. Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland)

This song can be used to fit a variety of different situations and many people choose to use it to remember someone they love, often a grandfather. If that’s the case for you, you should probably start reaching for the tissues before you even sit down to listen to the song. In reality, you may want to do that in any case, no matter what you associate this particular song with. It’s truly beautiful, but it can also be a real tear-jerker.

2. The Grandpa That I Know (Patty Loveless)

Every person has many sides to them. You likely love someone who seems different to you than they do to another person. This is a song that talks about someone’s grandfather who may sometimes seem harsh to others. However, they are revered by the storyteller. Because of that fact, the person in the lyrics wants to share who their grandfather is from their own perspective.

1. Heaven Was Needing a Hero (Jo Dee Messina)

There is nothing easy about losing someone you really love. In this case, it’s all about losing one’s grandfather. The title basically says it all. As far as the storyteller is concerned, he was so amazing that Heaven needed him even more than he was needed on Earth. The person in the lyrics is remembering what a great person he was as they recount the details of his life.

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