The 10 Best Gojira Songs of All-Time


Hailing from Ondres, France is the French heavy metal band known as Gojira. Brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier team up with Christian Andreu and Jean-Michel Labadie and originally called the name of their band Godzilla. However, Godzilla was changed to Gojira in 2001. As for the band members, this core roster has remained the same. Together, their brand of heavy metal focuses mainly on a progressive rock style, as well as technical death metal. The combination of their spiritually dark and environmental-themed lyrics has become an official Gojira trademark. The first half of Gojira’s discographic portfolio kept this band from emerging from its corner of obscurity to widespread global recognition. Gojira’s debut album (Terra Incognita) was released in 2001 and was followed by their 2003 album (The Link).

These two albums, plus their live performances, earned Gojira the reputation as a leading band within the French metal music genre. Their critically acclaimed 2005 album (From Mars to Sirius) wins Gojira recognition in the British metal music scene. Then, come 2008, after signing with Prosthetic Records, Gojira releases their fourth album (The Way of All Flesh). This is what finally got them noticed by the North American audience as it charted on the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart. However, once Gojira signed with Roadrunner Records in 2011, this is where the band really begins to win the attention and fans throughout the global metal-favoring audience. With a total of three studio albums in a row that has charted with virtually every globally recognized music chart, Gojira’s signing up with Roadrunner was the best move this band ever made.

10. Born In Winter


Coming from Gojira’s 2012 album (L’Enfant Sauvage) is the single (Born In Winter), which is noted by their fans for the guitar riffs. This song, along with the album it belongs to, played a key role in Gojira finally earning worldwide recognition as a metal band worthy of fan appreciation.

9. Oborus


Despite not really being officially released as a single (Oborus) comes from the 2008 album (The Way of All Flesh). The song’s popularity, as well as its album, is what started to boost the popularity of Gojira as a metal band worth noticing. Not only do the fans consider this among their favorite songs from this band, but overall from the progressive metal genre.

8. Vacuity


Coming from their 2008 album (The Way of All Flesh) is the single (Vacuity), which starts to earn the band recognition beyond their own nation’s borders. The death metal feels this song delivers not only won over new fans but critical acclaim that was also cast upon the rest of the tracks featured on The Way of All Flesh.

7. Silvera


Released on June 17, 2016, is the album (Magma), and from it the highly favored single (Silvera). Both the song and the album prove to music critics and fans of the heavy metal music genre that Gojira’s success as a band is rightfully earned. The style of music played throughout the song has an oddly alluring feel to it, something of which their fans comment about the most.

6. The Gift of Guilt


The 2012 album (L’Enfant Sauvage) features the single (The Gift of Guilt), which becomes a cult favorite among Gojira’s fans. Metal fans often comment how well Joe Duplantier can mesh growls, screaming, and singing into something that very few other lead singers of any metal band can successfully pull off.

5. L’Enfant Sauvage


The lead single coming from the 2012 album of the same name (L’Enfant Sauvage) is what officially puts Gojira on the worldwide map as an elite class of metal music performers for the first time. The album’s performance did very well, charting on every major chart list there is except for Canada. Apparently, at the time, the critics weren’t quite prepared for Gojira’s brand of metal, despite the fact the metal music fans already were.

4. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe


Not quite recognized yet on the worldwide stage, Gojira’s third studio album (From Mars to Sirius) from 2005 brings forth the song (The Heaviest Matter of the Universe) and it becomes a favorite among the French fans. Finally, when the rest of the world discovered Gojira’s talent as a metal band, the popularity of the song picked up and earned a place in their roster of all-time favorites.

3. The Art of Dying


Among many heavy metal-based publications and sites that list songs as favorites, Gojira’s single (The Art of Dying) consistently shows up near the top, regardless of its list strictly revolves around this band’s music. Moshers seem most appreciative of this song as they tend to “lose it” each time they hear it. The song comes from their 2008 album (The Way of All Flesh).

2. Flying Whales


The album (From Mars to Sirius) was released September 27, 2005, during a time where Gojira hadn’t quite earned worldwide recognition just yet. Their single (Flying Whales) managed to fly its way into the heart of heavy metal music fans everywhere as soon as they heard it. It is among the most requested metal songs at clubs, especially within the European circuit.

1. Amazonia


This single (Amazonia) comes from Gojira’s newest album (Fortitude), which was released on April 30, 2021. To date, it is the first and only song from Gojira’s discography that has charted on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, coming in at #31. Part of what makes this song so popular, as well as the whole album it belongs to, is the continual fight coming out of Gojira’s camp for leaders of this world to treat Planet Earth more responsibly so that its ecosystem can be restored as close to its former glory as possible.

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