The 10 Best Luke Bryan Songs of All-Time

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is one of the most renowned country singers of his generation. Not only is Luke Bryan so talented, but he also seems like a nice person from the numerous interviews that we’ve seen him in. His career took off in the mid-2000s, with his debut album dropping in 2007. Bryan had established a strong foothold in the country music scene by the following year, which saw him become the first and only country musician to achieve six number one songs from a single album. While he is more famous for his hit country songs, Bryan has incorporated other music genres such as alternative rock into his music. We have compiled a list of the ten best Luke Bryan songs. Check them out.

10. We Rode In Trucks


“We Rode In Trucks” is a tribute to people who grew up in rural America. In the song, Luke Bryan narrates about the activities he used to do growing up, such as cotton picking and pig wrestling. Listening to the song stirs up nostalgic memories with its simple and elegant lyrics. The track was released in October 2007, and the song peaked at position 33 on the US Hot Country Songs Chart.

9. Crash My Party


If you look at all his album covers closely, Luke Bryan always affords a smile. “Crash My Party” is one of those songs that certainly bring a smile to his face. Luke Bryan first performed this song on 13th April in 2013 at the Academy of Country Music which he hosted alongside Blake Shelton.

8. Knockin Boots


“Knockin Boots” has been one of my favorite Luke Bryan songs ever since I listened to it. The song, written by veteran writers including Gordie Sampson and Jon Nite, features Luke Bryan performing to an ecstatic multi-ethnic crowd in an open-air space. “Knockin Boots” peaked at the top position in the US Country Airplay Chart and has been certified gold by the RIAA.

7. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


After a couple of incredible number one back-to-back hits, Luke Bryan sings well in this song which has proved to be a classic radio song. The song was released in 2012 from his album Tailgates and Tanlines. “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” has all the makings of a well-polished country song, with it featuring one of the best opening lines you will come across, “All we do right is make love/ We both know now that ain’t enough.”

6. Drunk On You


“Drunk On You” is one of those Luke Bryan songs that ages like fine wine. The love song does not feel like those country music love songs that seem to be forced to fit the genre. However, Luke Bryan fuses the great lyrics with humor that gives country music love songs the dignity they deserve. The track made its debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs at position 57 and peaked at position 16 in June 2012. As of August 2015, the song had sold a total of 3,040,000 copies and was ranked as the third best-selling country music song of 2012.

5. Drink a Beer


“Drink a Beer” is not a celebratory song as it may seem. Luke Bryan wrote the song to comfort people who have lost someone who means a lot to them. Luke Bryan connects perfectly with the song since he had lost both his siblings. The song was released in 2013 from his fourth studio album, Crash My Party.

4. Play It Again


“Play It Again” is easily one of Luke Bryan’s best songs ever. The track is about a song that comes on when Luke Bryan spends time with a lady. They dance together and then exclaim, “play it again,” once the song is over. The song comes again on the radio as he drives her home that night and the reaction is still the same. “Play It Again” is a feel-good song that got everything right from the production, vocals, drums, and chorus. “Play It Again” was the eighth Luke Bryan song to top the Hot Country Songs chart and has been certified six-times platinum by the RIAA.

3. Country Girl (Shake It For Me)


You don’t have to be a country music fan to appreciate how good our number three track is. The song was written by Bryan and Dallas Davidson after they had listened to some hip-hop songs. Although they had doubts about the fans’ reception, all doubt was cleared after playing the song in one of their concerts. The song has been ranked as one of the best-selling songs by a solo male country musician.

2. I Don’t Want This Night To End – Tailgates and Tanlines


Our number two song is another song from the album Tailgates and Tanlines. The catchy chorus and simple lyrics to the song, “I Don’t Want This Night To End,” has made it a favorite for many country music fans. The song is about a guy meeting a lady for the first time. The guy doesn’t want the night to end because they are having a magical night. The song peaked at position one in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and is certified platinum in Canada, and has been certified five-times platinum in the US.

1. All My Friends Say


“All My Friends Say” tops our list of the best Luke Bryan songs of all time. It is one of the best songs for getting over an ex. The song was released in 2007, and it was the first Luke Bryan song to enter the charts. The reason why it ranks so high is because of how easily people relate to it when they hear it.

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