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ANTHRAX’s Scott Ian Recalls His First Alcohol Experience with Lemmy

Scott Ian, the guitarist of ANTHRAX, tells his embarrassing and funny memory about Lemmy Kilmister. He also talked about his favorite younger rock band.

Scott Ian, the actual name Scott Ian Rosenfeld, is an American musician, songwriter, guitarist, and the only original member of the ANTHRAX thrash metal band, born in 1963. He has also appeared in many rock and metal bands.

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian recently spoke to The Fred Minnick Show. Ian told a story about the late MOTORHEAD lead singer Lemmy Kilmister and talked about the younger bands.

Unfortunately, legendary MOTORHEAD lead singer Lemmy Kilmister died of cancer in 2015. Lemmy left behind a great legacy and many memories. One of these memories belongs to Scott Ian, and it’s pretty funny.

When Scott Ian was 21, he had drunk no alcohol yet, until he met Lemmy at a bar. For Scott, Lemmy meant a hero and an idol, and it was amazing how he met him at the bar.

Scott Ian and Lemmy Kilmister
Scott Ian and Lemmy Kilmister

Scott Ian recalls that fun and exciting moment: “I was 21, I didn’t drink. And I saw Lemmy, and I offered to buy him a drink. And he said, ‘You’re in my town, I’ll buy you a drink. What are you having?’ And I didn’t even know how to answer that question, so I just said, ‘I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

Scott thought that it would be quite embarrassing to say I never had a drink, therefore he had his first alcohol experience with Lemmy. However, Scott looks a bit regretful.

Scott Ian said: “And he was drinking Jack & Coke, so all of a sudden I’ve got a whiskey in front of me and I’m worried that I’m going to throw up on his white boots and get fired from heavy metal.”

Six months later, the rest of the story is revealed. Scott Ian runs into Lemmy during a concert and Lemmy remembers Scott! Scott Ian was surprised that Lemmy remembered him because they only stumbled across a bar once.

“And he said, ‘Yeah, I met you at St. Ritz, we were drinking and at some point, you stopped speaking English.’ And I said, ‘I hope I didn’t do anything to offend you…”

Scott Ian added: “He said, ‘No, I just couldn’t understand what you were saying to me. And then you ran out of the bar. I figured you weren’t feeling so good.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I wasn’t that much of a drinker.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I could tell.’

Code Orange
Code Orange

Scott also talked about younger bands and said that his favorite now is CODE ORANGE.

“I hadn’t heard of them before the tour, and I went out and watched them the first night, and I was completely blown away by their energy!”

You can watch the CODE ORANGE video clip below, which is a favorite younger band of Scott Ian.

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