10 Awesome Songs About Tigers

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The lion may be the king of the jungle, but tigers are far superior in terms of muscular strength, speed, and even physical size. For this reason, singers find their inspiration from the wild cat and incorporate its attributes into their songs. Some use the word “tiger” figuratively, while others mention it relating it to the trait they most admire. Of the many awesome songs about tigers, here are ten you should consider adding to your playlist.

10. I’m a Tiger by Lulu

Lulu sings that she is a tiger who cannot be tamed; men who try to take advantage of her cannot succeed because she loves running wild. However, according to her interview with Glasgow Times, she was nowhere close to being a tiger. She had lots of men in her life who she had flings with and even ended up with two failed marriages. Additionally, since she started her career as a young girl, she moved away from her family and cried herself to sleep.

9. Paper Tigers by Sue Thompson

If you have ever crossed paths with someone who will continually try to bully you, then this song would be the perfect response. Thompson sings that the person is a paper tiger whose roar is much worse than his bite. He thinks that thumping his chest to show he can be tough will impress her, but the singer is tired of his antics. It appears that it is not her first experience with such a person because she says that, “You all paper tigers are alike.” Since she has gotten used to such tactics, she prefers that he stops making a scene.

8. Tiger by ABBA

ABBA uses “tiger” metaphorically; some believe it is a reference to drug abuse, specifically heroin. Others opine it is basically about the dangers of city life. All in all, the warning in the lyrics is clear when they talk about the city being a prison from which you could never escape. ABBA also sings that the city is a jungle so, you better take care and do not dare to walk alone past midnight lest the tiger finds you and devours you.

7. Tiger in the Rain by Michael Franks

Lovers of slow music will fall in love with the calming voice of Franks, who softly talks of a tiger afraid of thunder and lightning. Per the lyrics, it is ironic how the tiger is the lord of the jungle, yet when it rains, he is frightened and seeks solace in a human shelter. Not even his female counterpart can soothe him when thunder strikes. It could have a much deeper meaning, and everyone is open to interpreting it according to their understanding.

6. I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail by Buck Owens

Owens co-wrote the song with Harlan Howard, and it became an instant hit, topping the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart before finding its way to Canadian charts. According to Country Thang Daily, the inspiration for the song came from an Esso gas station whose slogan was “Put a tiger in your tank.” To Owens, the slogan was a message to take things fast since they had been going slow for quite a while. He, therefore, decided to incorporate the wild cat in his song.

5. Tiger in the Night by Katie Melua

Everyone has that one person they can run to whenever their world is falling apart and to Melua, that person is her tiger. She sings that she lived like a wild and lonely soul until that person brought her home. Since then, the person has been keeping her strong, and she cannot imagine her life without him.

4. Tiger Man by Elvis Presley

The song comprises only a verse and a chorus which Presley repeats twice. Yet despite its brevity, it still captures the hearts of die-hard fans of the late king of Rock and Roll. Allegedly, among the many nicknames the musician had accumulated, “Tiger Man” was bestowed upon him by his father. However, some believe a fan gave him the nickname. Regardless, it seems that Presley loved the nickname so much that he believed he was the king of the jungle hence the tiger Man.

3. Tiger Feet by Mud

The song is almost five decades old but you can still dance to it. It was a massive hit topping the UK and Ireland charts for four weeks consecutively. Nikki Chin and Mike Chapman wrote the song about a woman whose dancing skills seem to have captivated the narrator. He is so taken in by her tiger feet that he wants to take her home. The song’s success led to different singers covering it perhaps hoping for prosperity in equal measure.

2. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

This song would probably never exist were it not for Sylvester Stallone’s need for a great soundtrack for his movie “Rocky III.” The movie star had listened to a few songs by Survivor and was impressed so, he requested that the band write a song for his upcoming movie. Of course, to make it relevant, Survivor had to watch the film first and compose a track that would befit a boxing scene. Sylvester loved the demo version of “Eye of the Tiger” so much that he did not wait for it to be professionally done.

1. Roar by Katy Perry

Eye of the Tiger is described as having the determination and confidence to pull yourself through hardships with the aim of success. Perry sings that she has the eye of the tiger in this song she co-wrote with Bonnie McKee. At the time, the challenge Perry was undergoing was her divorce from Russell Brand, and she needed to get back her power. As McKee revealed, the song helped Perry address her pain, and in the end, the singer talks about going from being a zero to being her hero.

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