Ranking the 10 Best Elvis Presley Albums of All Time

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is the undisputed King of Rock-and-roll. He left behind a legacy in the music industry and adoring fans who struggled with his passing, some refusing to believe it. During his long and successful career, Presley released 57 albums. Ranking them is not an easy task as we all have our preferences for which albums were the best. We defer to the masses to assign a ranking based on popularity with fans to select the ten best Elvis Presley albums of all time.

10. “Elvis’ Golden Records, Volume 2: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”

We were hesitant to agree at first because it’s a collection of his best hits, but considering the title, the 1959 release combined fan favorites from that era in one album. It was good enough when the king was at the apex of his career. It’s suitable for inclusion now. This project was a brilliant marketing tool to create hype, according to Vulture, and it whipped Elvis fans into a frenzy ahead of his re-emergence onto the concert scene. There is some historical value assigned to the album, which makes it stand out from the rest.

9. “Peace in the Valley”

Country Thang Daily confirmed that the 1957 release of “Peace in the Valley” is a historical event many people are not aware of. Elvis returned to his gospel roots, which gave him strength and inner peace, and released an album with songs of hope intended to promote peace for those who were suffering. He designated all the earnings from album sales to go toward helping Hungarian refugees in their time of need. He showed every kindness and the depth of his deep Christian faith and convictions and donated the $49.5 million earned by the album to those families. We think that makes it one of the best albums ever released, but it was also popular with fans that shared his faith.

8. “From Elvis in Memphis”

This album dropped in 1969. It included the tracks “Only The Strong Survive,” along with his big hit of the year, “In The Ghetto.” This song was a big hit for him. Fans went wild over the social commentary. It may have been one of the best songs he ever performed. It set well with most of his fans. Other songs on the album are “That Loved On Look” and “Long Black Limousine.”

7. “Elvis’ Christmas Album”

“Elvis’ Christmas Album” is among his highest-grossing vinyl releases in terms of sales. It brought in an impressive 13 million copies, which was good for a holiday album. Not everyone enjoyed success with their Christmas albums but that wasn’t the case for the king. The most memorable song on the album is “Blue Christmas.”

6. “King Creole”

The album was a soundtrack to the last film he shot before he enlisted in the army. It was an impactful album that would serve to carry fans over during the hiatus that was to come while Elvis Presley was off serving his country.

5. “Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old)”

This album was not his biggest commercial success, but it did reach number 12 on the charts, according to Elvis.com. One reviewer pointed out that the 1971 release marked the 30th release of original works in an LP with songs that were thematic and balanced. The album was a collection of songs that were defining of who Elvis Presley truly was without pretentiousness. The album stood out to many of his fans as being genuine and one of the best works because of this, and we’re thankful for the input and thoughtful insights.

4. “Blue Hawaii”

“Blue Hawaii” was released in 1961. It is an album that makes us think back to his career as an actor because it’s a soundtrack to the titular film that topped the charts at high positions and it stayed there for five months. The hit song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” was released on this album so that’s a no-brainer. We give it the fourth spot on our list with full confidence.

3. “Elvis Presley”

This was Elvis’ debut album that came out in 1955. It’s essential and requires inclusion in any best Elvis list because it is the release that started him off on a positive note. One of his biggest hits of the year is included as a track on this project. “Blue Suede Shoes” along with “Blue Moon,” was enough to make record sales soar back in the good old days when everything was vinyl.

2. “Elvis is Back”

“Elvis is Back” came out in 1960. The album became one of his biggest successes coming in at the second spot in the Billboard’s Top LPs chart. It hit the top of the album charts in the United Kingdom. In America, the reviews were mixed initially, but it gained in popularity through time, reaching gold status by the summer of 1999, according to Wikipedia. Elis included a good variety of feel-good music along with blues, pop, and rock n roll genres. “Reconsider Baby,” “Dirty, Dirty Feeling,” “It Feels So Right” and “Fever” were all big hits included on the album.

1. “G.I. Blues”

Elvis News.com confirms that the 1960 release of this album was something fans needed. It charted at the number one position on Billboard’s album chart and it stayed there for ten weeks, which is astronomical. The album slipped in posturing as Elvis released other outstanding albums including “Blue Hawaii” and “Elvis is Back,” but it was at one time one of the most popular albums in the country. It has its place in history as one of his most beloved albums of all time.

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