10 Things You didn’t Know About Layla Brooklyn Allman

Layla Brooklyn Allman

Layla Brooklyn is an American citizen and famous singer. There is a lot of things that you can learn from her. Read on to find out things you didn’t know about her life growing up the daughter of rocker Gregg Allman.

1. Her personal life

Layla Brooklyn Allman was born on 31st March 1993 in Redwood City, California, in the USA. She is the youngest child of Gregg Allman (a musical legend) and Shelby Blackburn. She is an atheist, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She is currently assumed to be single, and not much is known about the person she could be dating. Her ethnicity is white, but her eye color is black, and her hair is blonde. She is an American singer by profession. She’s mainly active on both Twitter and Instagram.

2. Layla’s step-siblings

Layla has a big family mainly because her father, Gregg Allman, had married seven times and had five children, all from different mothers. She is the last born in this big family. Her step-siblings are Micheal Allman, who was born in 1966 and raised in Florida. Michael is the son of Gregg and a dancer named Mary Lynn Sutton. The second born is Devon Allman, who was born in 1972. His mother is Shelley Kay Jefts. The third born is Elijah Blue Allman, born in 1976, and his mother is Cher. The fourth born is Delilah Island Allman, who was born in 1980. Her mother is Julie Bidens. Layla’s mother is Shelby Blackburn (a radio journalist). Her father died on 27th May 2017.

3. Music in Layla’s family

Music runs in the family’s blood. Layla’s brothers have a passion for music and have even formed different bands. Elijah, also known as P Exeter, was a band Deadsy, and he was a singer and guitarist. He was also part of the thirty Seconds To Mars and Korn. Michael, the eldest in Layla’s family, leads a band that carries his name. Devon is the founder of the band Honeytribe. He is the vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist. Delilah is the only child in Gregg’s family who is not passionate about music.

4. Effect of Layla’s Father’s fame on her career

Gregg Allman, Layla’s father, is a famous rock and roll artist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Although he is already dead, his effect on the lives of his children and especially Layla, is still alive. Layla complains that it’s hard to be the daughter of a famous rock and Roll artist because everyone thinks she inherited the talent from her dad and didn’t have to work for it. She says you have to work hard for you to shine in the music industry. Though she inherited the talent from the dad, she still had to work hard to be where she is.

5. Started writing music at a tender age

While in 5th grade, she discovered that she was in love with rock music, and she began writing music. Popular bands played a great role in influencing her to love music even more as she grew up. One of these bands was the Alkaline Trio. She listened and still listens to different genres, rock, and love artists such as Heart and one British artist called IAMX. She found a lot of inspiration from the different bands she listened to.

6. The formation of ‘Picture Me Broken.’

Picture me broken is a band that consists of Layla Allman (lead vocalist, keyboard, and songwriter), Austin Dunn (bass), Eric Perkins (drums), and Nick Loiancon (lead guitar). They were also the founding members of this rock band; other members include Will Escher, Shaun Foist and Connor Lung, Layla Dante Phoenix, and Jimmy Strimpel. The band was formed in 2005 by Layla and her friends (Austin, Nick, and Eric) while they were only 12 years old. Picture Me Broken was initially called Lane Four. The band would perform in church events and at local contests. They won several awards, and they later realized that the talent was in them, and they started writing songs.

7. Achievements and accolades in Picture Me Broken

According to an interview by Glide Magazine, the way the band changed its name is funny. Layla Allman Brooklyn says that the name originated from a shampoo bottle that said color me happy. She thought of adding broken instead of happy, so the name became color me broken. Eventually, the band agreed on changing the name to Picture Me Broken. In 2009, the band released the “I’m Sorry” album, which was a hit, and it made them win the MT VMA award for Best Bay Area Breakout Artist. They became sensational after performing in an opening for Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson in 2013 while on the Masters of Madness tour.

8. Leads a quiet lifestyle

Layla takes her career seriously since she does not mix her personal life with her professional life. Little is known of her relationships or her dating life. Whether she’s currently dating or not is still unknown. This shows that she lays her personal life on the low side. However, there was a controversy about dating Andy Biersack, an American singer, way back in 2010. Her name has appeared alongside other male celebrity figures such as Kjiv Karagulle, Nick Loiacono, and Tyler Small.

9. Her net worth

Layla does her work well, and she is pretty hardworking. At a very tender age of 26, her net worth is already in the millions. Layla’s current net worth is $1 million, and it could be more than this considering that her father, Gregg Allman, left behind $18 million for his five children. Her net worth is expected to rise as she is still young and has tremendous potential.

10. Her rating in the rock world

According to her interview with Rock Revolt magazine, Layla has been nominated for The Hottest Chick in Metal. She says that as a music star, this is a good opportunity to increase her career ratings. She also believes that Rock-N-Roll goes hand in hand with a sexy appeal.

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