10 Things You Didn’t Know about Funk Flex

Funkmaster Flex

Aston George Taylor Jr., better known as Funkmaster Flex, or simply Funk Flex, holds many titles; he is a radio DJ, musician, actor, radio presenter, and actor. He was born in The Bronx 52 years ago and has made a fortune worth $14 million from his many undertakings. Flex has always used his massive social medial presence to share his opinions, resulting in no love being lost between him and other celebrities. Let’s share some of the many views and beliefs that the DJ holds that you probably do not know.

1. He Resents Tupac

According to BET, Flex hates Tupac for initiating a war between himself and Notorious BIG. Flex believes that Tupac shot himself after panicking then blamed Notorious BIG, which resulted in the East Coast-West Coast war. The DJ opines that if Tupac had not lied about who shot him, then Notorious BIG would still be alive.

2. He Thinks Commercial Success Caused Nicki Minaj to be Lazy

Flex has never hidden his resentment towards Minaj’s music. At one point, he described her verse in “Make Love” as dumpster juice then tagged the female rapper, telling her not to be uptight because it was his opinion. The radio DJ kept throwing social media punches at Minaj until they had to sort out their differences. In August 2018, the two were in a lengthy interview on Hot 97, and Flex said he was not attacking Minaj. He told her she had achieved commercial success, which caused her to be lazy in her music, but Minaj thought the issue was personal and did not concern her music.

3. He was Implicated in a Lawsuit between Minaj and Tracy Chapman

In 2018, Chapman filed a lawsuit against Minaj for using her track “Baby Can I Hold You” in Minaj’s song “Sorry.” According to Urban Islandz, although the sample was not cleared and the song never appeared in the album, Chapman still filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Minaj. Flex was implicated because he played the track, and Chapman wanted the conversation between the radio DJ and the female rapper giving him the green light to play the song, disclosed. In January 2021, Minaj ended up paying $450,000 as a settlement to avoid going to trial.

4. He Thinks Cardi B is a Terrible Rapper

Flex is not one to mince his words and does not care about the repercussions; therefore, even after calling out Minaj for being lazy in her music, he went after Cardi B saying how terrible she is as a rapper. The DJ said although he loves Cardi B’s personality and social media presence, her rap skills are wanting. He added that even if someone is ghostwriting for her, she has to know that she is buying poor bars.

5. He Blamed DMX’s Friends for Letting Him Down

The late DMX was a renowned rapper, but his addiction sent him to an early grave. It was no secret that the late musician had been struggling with drug addiction which Flex said was mainly due to his childhood trauma. Unfortunately, DMX could not stay clean, which led to his demise following a drug overdose. Flex said it was hypocritical of the so-called friends of the rapper who went public on social media showing off the pictures they had with DMX. The DJ said it was sad that such people could find such photos in seconds, yet most likely, they had never called DMX to stay updated on his health and were not willing to help.

6. He Accused Jay Z of Having Fake Social Media Accounts

According to The Source, Flex seems to know why Jay Z stays away from social media. The radio DJ said that Jay Z is sensitive and can’t handle the truth from the comment section on social media. Therefore, he stays hidden behind fake social media accounts. The hip-hop star does not have an Instagram account but has a Twitter account that barely stays updated. However, he once insinuated that he avoids social media to avoid being misquoted. Even if what he says is with the right intentions, people have a way of twisting things.

7. He Had Liposuction Surgery

In 2020, Flex went on Instagram to share a video of himself undergoing liposuction. Before the surgery, the DJ had to lose 290 pounds, then the procedure removed fat from his back, armpit sides, and lower stomach. Unfortunately, the video caused him to become a trending joke, but Flex said he wanted it done because he was not the first male celebrity to undergo liposuction. Kanye West and LL Cool J had to, but most importantly, even professional athletes get it as a recommendation.

8. Why He Thinks Drake Can’t Be the Greatest Rapper of All Time

Flex believed that the greatest rapper of all time was Drake because of his versatility, the melodies, the bars, and the lyrics. Unfortunately, Drake had this honor bestowed upon him taken away by the ghostwriting scandal. Flex leaked a reference track which was enough to back Meek Miller’s ghostwriting claims against Drake. Besides, the radio DJ added that after rehearsing with Drake in 2009, the Canadian rapper still read the freestyle song lyrics from his phone instead of remembering them from memory. To Flex, that was confirmation that Drake didn’t write the song.

9. His Wife Had Him Arrested for Harassment

According to New York Daily News, Flex and his wife got into a fight concerning threatening texts he had sent. He then pushed her to the ground, and after seeing her call the police, Flex slapped the phone from her hands before destroying it. Police, however, found him within the neighborhood, and he was arrested for harassment and mischief.

10. He Accused Jay Z of Being behind Desiree Perez’s Pardon

On January 24, 2021, Flex shared on his Instagram account that Jay Z had cut a deal with former President Donald Trump to have Perez pardoned. He asked fans to stay tuned, and later it emerged that the revelation was true, going by the numerous news headlines on the internet. According to some sources, Jay Z agreed that he and his wife would not publicly support Biden’s presidential campaign in return for Perez’s release.

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