10 Things you Didn’t Know about Peezy


OMB Peezy is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper that hails from Sacramento, California. Having been somewhat of an influential figure in the rap game over the last couple of years, both for song-making and his activities, he has grown his fan base. That being said, not many people know Peezy, so here are ten things you didn’t know about Peezy.

1. Early childhood

Peezy, whose real name is LeParis Dade, was born in Mobile, Sacramento, on February the Second, 1997. From the time he was very young, he was always surrounded by music. Growing up, he was always around a guitar and piano since some family members were musicians. Thus, since early on, he was never a stranger to music.

2. His beginnings in the rap game

He started writing verses and raps at a very young age while being challenged by his brothers and cousins. When he was twelve years old, his family moved from Mobile to Sacramento, California. He recalls the journey to the West Coast, and he even stated that it was made in a ‘Stolen U-Haul van,’ While in Sacramento, Peezy joined high school. Throughout his time in school, he was always involved in a lot of conflict and trouble. As a result of numerous fights, he dropped out of school after he completed his freshman year. This troublesome behavior would be somewhat of a foreshadowing.

3. The start of his career

In 2016, Peezy released one of the biggest tracks of his career, ‘Lay Down’ . On its release, not only did it amass him a relatively huge following, but it also caught the attention of some of the biggest rappers and producers in the game. One of the former, Nef the Pharaoh, who also resides in California, was so impressed with the song that he took it to his manager and the owner of Sick Wid It Records, E-40, who was also one of the biggest rappers in the country back in the day. E-40 invited Peezy to his studio, where the latter gave a demonstration and a live performance. This prompted E-40 to sign him to his record label. The record deal also involves 300 Entertainment, with whom Peezy is also signed to.

4. Early releases

With the backing of a label, Peezy was able to release some big songs. His first song after being signed to a label was ‘When I was down,’ which not only had commercial success but was also critically acclaimed. Later in, he would partner with the man that helps him set up his record deal, Nef the Pharaoh, on another song titled ‘Move 4’, which also features Jay Ant. Some of his other releases include ‘Porch’ and ‘Trying Sumthin,’ which featured Yhung and was also a commercial success that even went mainstream.

5. His debut work of art

In the last quarter of 2017, Peezy released his first body of work, a mixtape titled ‘Loyalty over Love.’ The debut mixtape bridges the style of both the Northern and the Southern parts of California. It was for sure an explosive mix, and it was just the beginning of what promised to be more than a bright career for Peezy.

6. He has released some big songs

After this release, Peezy teamed up with one of the biggest rappers in the game, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and released a single titled ‘Doing Bad.’ YoungBoy is known for being a huge artist, especially on the video streaming platform YouTube. Thus, it was not much of a surprise when the song racked up more than eight million views on YouTube in less than three months. In 2019, he released his debut album, Preacher to the Streets, which had some big features, such as the lead single of the album ‘Yeah Yeah,’ which featured TK Kravitz. The following year, in April, he released the single ‘Everybody,’ and in May, He released his second mixtape and third body of work, ‘In the Meantime.’ In November of 2020, he was featured on The Hunna’s ‘Lost’ remix.

7. He has had some legal issues

In March of 2021, Peezy was arrested. The charges leveled against him were possession of an illegal firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after an alleged shooting that happened when 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch were on a set, filming for their music video. This happened on February 21. Even though neither Roddy Ricch nor 42 Dugg was hurt, two other men were. Peezy had a bail of 60,000 dollars set and was told to wear an ankle monitor and hand over his passport if he wanted to post bail. He eventually did. This wasn’t the first time that Peezy had rubbed shoulders with the law. In his younger days, he was arrested and served time in jail. While he was in jail, his girlfriend gave birth to a son, who Peezy refers to as Lil Peezy.

8. New album

On the first of June, 2021, Peezy released the single, accompanied by its video, for ‘Coming for Me.’ It is believed that this is a single leading to the release of his second album, and his fans are very much excited about it.

9. Personal life

Not a lot is known about the personal life of Peezy. There are a couple of rumors that circle the grapevine, though. As mentioned earlier, Peezy’s girlfriend gave birth to a son while serving his first stint in prison. The name of the kid is not known, though Peezy himself calls him Lil Peezy. It is also known that Peezy resides in Sacramento, California. That being said, his music and touring are often in other parts of the country. Other than that, not much else is known about his personal life.

10. Net worth

Peezy, not only from music but also from other activities, has amassed a huge following. Suffice it to say; he has some very loyal fans. He has more than half a million subscribers on YouTube, and most of his songs are above the one million views threshold. The same numbers are reciprocated in other platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. It is no wonder that his net worth Is estimated to be more than half a million dollars.

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