10 Things You Didn’t Know About Josh Homme

Josh Homme

Josh Homme fronts the rock band Queens of the Stone Age, and lately, he has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The famous rock star ended up marrying his fan, Brody Dalle, although he had never considered marriage before. Maybe it is his take on marriage that led to their divorce, and now they are airing their dirty linen in public to the extent of getting restraining orders against each other. Let’s tell you more about his personal and professional details that you probably do not know.

1. He Has Been Accused Severally of Being Abusive

According to Variety, Chelsea Lauren, a photographer, accused Homme of kicking a camera that struck her. He then smiled like he was proud of his actions. Homme was speculated to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol because he later cut his face and dripped blood during the performance. It was not the first time Homme was accused of such an incident; an autograph collector had also alleged that the musician was physically and verbally abusive.

2. He Sought a Restraining Order Against His Estranged Wife, Brody

After Brody was granted a restraining order against Homme, the rock band musician claimed she was provoking him, trying to get him arrested. Homme alleged that his ex-wife would park next to his car, start recording a video then instruct her attorney to tell Homme to respect the restraining order. His concerns were heard after Homme added that Brody had been keeping tabs on him. Therefore, she is not allowed within 100 yards of the ex-husband.

3. His Children Want Him to Stay Away from Them

Homme’s sons, Orrin Ryder and Will Dillon Reece filed separate restraining orders against their father. They gave handwritten accounts of Homme’s physical and verbal abuse. Ryder claimed that his father had grabbed his private parts, ignoring the boy’s pleas for him to stop. However, the judge denied the applications but issued a restraining order against Homme when Homme’s daughter, Camille, filed one for herself and her two brothers. According to Rolling Stone, the judge the restraining order requires Homme to stay 100 yards from his daughter.

4. He Started His First Band When He Was 12

Homme has many bands to his name besides Queens of the Stone Age. His first band was Autocracy, which he derived from the dictionary. He started it when he was 12 and confessed it was terrible. The motivation to start a band came from the fact that the musician grew up in Palm Desert, California. He said there was not much he could do in the desert apart from playing with his friends and making music.

5. Why He Got the Same Tattoo with Former Kyuss Bandmates

In an interview with NPR, Homme disclosed that the first big band he formed that got attention was Kyuss. However, while they were touring in Germany, their luck ran out. As Homme recalled, the show they put on went wrong. Besides the choice of intro music, the microphone was not plugged in on one end. While they still carried on, hoping to give the 45,000 people an outstanding performance, everything kept going downhill. It dawned on them that probably the date had something to do with their bad luck. The show was on Freitag 4:15, and Freitag in German means black Friday. After the experience, the bandmates decided to get a tattoo reading “Freitag 4:15” to remember that day.

6. How the Name “Queens of the Stone Age” Came About

After Kyuss broke up, Homme later formed another band, Gamma Ray, but Germany’s Gamma Ray band threatened to sue them in 1997. Therefore, they had to change the name, and their producer, Chris Goss, suggested “Queens of the Stone Age.” According to Homme, “Kings of the Stone Age” would have been too macho because kings are expected to wear armor, carry axes, and wrestle. On the other hand, queens accompany the kings, and the musician reasoned that rock music should be heavy enough for boys and sweet for girls.

7. Why He Kept Turning Down a Kyuss Reunion

If something is dead, there is no point in trying to revive it; Homme believes this about reuniting with his former bandmates. He said that he is against sequels and reunions, although he considered them for a while. However, he finally decided that it was much better to leave it as it was because the old Kyuss was perfect. He argues that a reunion attempts to make something as it was, yet it has evolved to be entirely different yet not in a punk manner. He opined that it would not be the same even if the bandmates got together to revive Kyuss. Hence, he dared them to go ahead to form their own Kyuss. When the former bandmates did, Homme was still angry that they called themselves “Kyuss Lives!” The frontman sued them, saying they were misleading fans into thinking Kyuss was still alive.

8. He Named His Daughter after His Paternal Grandmother

Homme told The Sydney Morning Herald that he has tattooed his paternal grandmother’s name, Camille, on his knuckles. He even named his daughter after her, revealing that he takes pride in how he dresses because of his grandmother. The musician must have inherited his artistic talent from the grandmother who played piano; she was also a painter and sculptor.

9. He Kissed a Girl for the First Time When He was Four

At four years, Homme was already experimenting with girls. He said that he used to play with a girl named Melanie in preschool, and one day, he told her to lift her skirt so he could see underneath. His parents were, of course, asked to go to school regarding the inappropriate behavior and the incident. Unfortunately, Homme’s interest had already been aroused, and Melanie became the first girl he kissed.

10. He Had a String of Girlfriends before Marriage

The life of a musician sometimes gets in the way of family life, and Homme never wanted to give false hopes to any girl. He dated several of them but never led them on because he knew he would be traveling a lot. Besides, he never felt any commitment to stay if he thought he should not. However, from the moment he met Brody, he had a change of heart because she was different from the other girls he had dated.

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