10 Things You Didn’t Know About Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Andrew Dennis Biersack, who formerly went by the name Andy Six and is also known as Andy Black, is an American-based multi-talented musician. He is a songwriter, a singer, and a pianist. Biersack was born in 1990 and formed the band “Black Veil Brides in 2006. He has been in the music industry for more than a decade and has released several albums.

10. He is the lead singer in the “Black Veil Brides” Band

Andy Biersack is the lead singer and frontman in the “Black Veil Brides” band. He formed the band with some of his friends back in 2006 and became the lead singer of the band. The other original members of his band included Johnny Herold and Phil Cennedella. He, later on, moved to Los Angeles and recreated his band but included a new guitarist Chris Hollywood, bassist Ashley Purdy, guitarist Pan the Gypsy, and drummer Sandra Alvarenga. Although some of the band members have been replaced over the years, Biersack has retained the position of the band’s lead singer.

9. His natural Hair Color is Blond

Throughout his career as a heavy rock musician, his hair color has been black leading most people to assume that his natural hair color is black. Over the years, he has dyed his hair black to maintain his “music persona” and the look that he is renowned for by his fans. In the YouTube “The Andy Show TV,” he talked about his experience in dying his hair and stated that unless he was going for a professional meeting, he often opted to dye his hair himself.

8. He was Bullied in High School

Andy Biersack was a victim of bullying, which he was still in school. He was bullied because of his sense of fashion and the kind of music that he liked. Growing up, Biersack’s idols were Motley Crue and KISS, who were heavy metal legends and were renowned for wearing black clothes. The members of KISS, an American band that was popular during the 1980s and 1990s were renowned for painting their faces with and using “clown-like” make-up. While Biersack might not have painted his face like the band, dressing in black and listening to heavy metal made him stand out from the rest.

7. He was Raised in a Roman Catholic Family

Biersack was raised in a conservative family that adhered to the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. He even attended a Catholic elementary school and has talked extensively about his experience with bullying at the school. Although he grew up in a Catholic Church, he was not a religious person. In an interview published on Loudwire, Andy Biersack talked about how he went to his grandfather’s funeral, which was held using the Roman Catholic Church doctrines. He recalls that people kept saying that his grandfather had gone to heaven but had a hard time believing in the existence of heaven.

6. He was Overweight When He was Young

Biersack was slightly overweight when he was younger, which might have contributed to the bullying that he faced in elementary school. In an interview with “Hard Rock Daddy,” Biersack reported that the kids around him always made fun of him for being chubby. He also stated that his weight fluctuated from the time he was in 4th grade to the time he was in 7th grade. He stated that the kids around him would refer to him as “Chunk” from the “Goonies.” His weight concerns, his sense of fashion, and his love for heavy rock music made him a target for bullying.

5. His First Band was Called Biersack

When he was 14-years-old he formed his first band and named it Biersack. He only played one show, at an art gallery in Northside, Cincinnati, with the band under that name before the band was renamed “Black Veil Brides.” In an interview with Loudwire, he talked about his experience with his first band. He also stated that the band headlined after their performance at the art gallery.

4. He Left High-School before Graduating

Andy Biersack left high school, six days after turning 18 years old and went to Los Angeles to pursue his potential career in music. He attended the Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, where he majored in music and drama. Although his experience in high school differed from what he went through in elementary school, he opted to move to Los Angeles after he turned 18-years-old to pursue his music career.

3. He wanted to be an Actor before he pursued Music

When he was 13 years old, there was an art school in Cincinnati around where he grew up. He loved the school because he met other artistic students who were perceived as being weird and abnormal because of their sense of fashion or the things they loved. While he had a hard time at school because of the bullying he faced, he thrived in theatrical studies and plays. He went out to Los Angeles when he was 15 years old for about a month and a half to pursue acting. He appeared in some commercials and pilot work for other shows before he went back to school.

2. He was Influenced by His Father’s love for Punk Music

While Andy Biersack was young his father loved punk music and would play the songs of bands like Aerosmith, KISS, and The Rolling Stone. Some of the songs that he played around the house, later on, became Andy’s favorite songs and inspiration to become a musician. He enjoyed most of the bands in the punk movement that characterized the 1970s.

1. He Works Closely with His Father

Andy Biersack works closely with his father in his music career. His father has been his tour manager, his lighting directors, driver, and merchandise manager over the years. When his vocal coach told him that he could not sing, his father still supported his career. His father has also guided him through his career and offered him the support that he needed.


Andy Biersack is a sensational rock music artist whose career has developed progressively over the past two decades. He became interested in music while he was young and decided to pursue the career when he turned 18 years. He has been a member of his band, “Black Veil Brides,” throughout his music career.

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