10 Things You Didn’t Know About J. Period

J. Period

J. Period is a famous Mixtape DJ. He rose to fame after making some successful collaborations. He’s worked with Q-Tip, Big Daddy Kane, John Legend, Rakim, The Isley Brothers, Mary J. Blige, and others in the hip hop, rap, and R&B industry. His style incorporates compilations of personal interviews with artists in an audio-biography format that fans have adored through the years. He has carved a niche in the music industry for himself and is one-of-a-kind. We looked into his personal and career history. Upon reflection, the man has led a fascinating life. If you’re not familiar with his story, it’s worth knowing for the enrichment it provides. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about J. Period.

1. J. Period is 46 years old

Wikipedia reveals that J. Period was born on February 12, 1975. As of early 2021, he turned 46 years old. The hip-hop producer arrived in this world during a time when hip-hop was in its infancy. He was privileged to watch the development of the music genre as it evolved into its current form. His knowledge of the stories of the artists, society, and the changing world has helped him to become one of the best storytellers in the nation.

2. His remixes appeared in movie trailers

The original remixes that J. Period compiled appeared in many film trailers through the years. Universal Pictures applied them in the 2007 “American Gangster.” Fox Searchlight used them in the 2008 “Street Kings.”

3. He was the first Disc Jockey commissioned by Activision

J. Period made history in November of 2008. He was at a peak in his career when his mixtapes promoted the movie trailers. For the first time, Activision commissioned the famous artist and producer to score and produce the entire soundtrack for the video game Tony Hawk’s Motion for the Nintendo DS console.

4. He’s known as a “music guru”

The Kennedy Center hails J. Period as a music guru who has become an icon in the hip-hop music scene. He is one of the most celebrated mixtape producers because of his unprecedented level of creativity. He skillfully and artistically brings together the elements of eras, styles, cultures and expertly crafts them into masterpieces with his musical storytelling platform. He brings the elements together and shows their interconnection.

5. J. Period achieved gold status

One of J. Period’s most successful productions is “The Hamilton Mixtape.” This work rose to become number one on the Billboard charts. It earned RIAA Gold certification. his was his collaboration with Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Pulitzer Prize winner. He has collaborated with some of the greatest talents of our age to tell the stories that are relevant to our times. He has also collaborated with multiple Grammy winners and he is recognized as one of the greatest talents of the modern age.

6. He is a master composer

J. Period was a headliner at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Sony Hall NYC, The Kennedy Center, and other venues. He also earned an Emmy Award for his mixtapes used for film and TV media for “NBA Inside Stuff,” and “The Doctor.” He served as Music Supervisor at Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets, receiving acclaim for setting the NBA arena’s new standard for music according to ESPN. J. Period was also a featured guest at The Roots Picnic. In Brooklyn, it’s not a party unless he is there.

7. He’s a native of LA

J. Period was born in Los Angeles, California. He launched his career in the Bay Area doing gigs at house parties while he was in college. He spent the early years of his life and career living in the Pacific Northwest. He didn’t even know how to work the turntables when he first started, but he learned and perfected his craft. He also joined the rap group Zion I, a rap group from the Bay Area on an international tour. It wasn’t until 1998 that he moved to New York. His friend DJ Skribble helped him to get his start on the East coast, helping him score gigs at clubs and bars. This is what his life looked like before he gained notoriety and fame for his unique style.

8. He gained big success in 2002

All Music points out that in 2002, J. Period was invited to a listening party for “God’s Son,” the 2002 release for Nas. He made several recordings at the party and compiled one of his most famous mixtapes for Nas. He was rewarded with the distinction of being awarded Mixtape DJ Rookie of the Year by Elemental Magazine in 2003. He also became a favorite of rap star Nas, which has helped to boost his career in the music industry.

9. His career skyrocketed to success in 2006

Another career boost occurred when he composed The Best of Lauryn Hill in a mix that he obtained from A-list private party recordings. This brought him a host of new commissions from labels for composing special mixtapes that were used in the promotion of upcoming albums. This opened the doors for success wide for J. Period and it threw him into the spotlight with numerous awards and a series of high-profile gigs. From this point forward there was no going back. J. Period also won Mixtape DJ of the Year from the Power Summit held in 2006 in the Dominican Republic for mixes composed for C.L. Smooth and the Roots.

10. J. Period is a man for the ages

J. Period’s storytelling-based musical compositions are now a part of American literary/music history. Few can boast this distinction. He is a unique artist who has developed his style of composition. J. Period draws on his knowledge of the history of hip-hop and rap scenes. He incorporates his relationships with the artists. He draws in culture, social issues, and behind-the-scenes conversations finely finished with personal interviews to get to the core of the stories that he shares through his unique and moving mixtapes. J. Period will go down in history as one of the most influential music professionals of this era.

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