The Lasting Legacy of Rocker David Z

David Z

Most people aren’t familiar with the name David Zablidowsky. More commonly known as David Z, he was an individual of immense talent, the kind that people are in all of and inspired by. Unfortunately, his life was cut short on the 14th of July, 2017. The individual who had played with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Adrenaline Mob was killed when the motor home he was traveling to his next gig and had a flat on the highway. As he and other members of the Adrenaline Mob band pulled over to fix the flat, a tractor trailer didn’t see the disabled motor home, striking it almost full speed.

A Tragic Accident

Eventually, accident investigation experts would determine that the tractor-trailer had actually veered off the highway. At first, it was believed that David Z’s motor home was only marginally off of the highway when they stopped to change the flat, effectively causing it to be struck by the tractor trailer. However, further investigation made it apparent that the tractor-trailer itself had actually veered quite far off the highway, striking not only the motor home, but all of the trailers carrying the band’s equipment.

How Could Anyone Survive?

Even though it is hard to believe that anyone could potentially survive such a horrible accident, David Z was the only one who was killed. The rest of the band ended up in the hospital, some of them in critical condition. Unfortunately, it seems that David Z was sitting in the spot that was hardest hit. It is also known that the motor home caught on fire in the wake of the initial crash. Some reports suggest that it took as long as 20 minutes to get the fire out after the fire brigade arrived. If that is indeed the case, the fire had to have been burning very hot. Again, it is nothing short of miraculous that anyone survived such a crash.

His Legacy

In the years since this horrible tragedy, the legacy of David Z has really taken hold. As previously mentioned, he was part of both Adrenaline Mob and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When he wasn’t touring with one group, he was almost certain to be found traveling with the other. He positively loved music and enjoyed being the bassist for these and other groups. In the years since his death, his intense love of music and his ability to somehow share that love with other people through his playing has left a long and intense void in the lives of the people who knew him best. However, it isn’t all about sadness and mourning.In fact, the people who are closest to him still draw a great deal of inspiration from him. More specifically, they have a tendency to recall how completely dedicated he was to his music. He wanted to challenge himself to do better on a daily basis. As such, he was always studying something new, always pushing the boundaries in order to make himself a better player. One thing he never did was rest on his laurels. Even though he was extremely accomplished as a musician and a Showman, he never once allowed himself to take a break from his quest to be better than he had been in the previous show. This was something that all of his band mates noticed almost immediately. It also made them want to be better players themselves. You might even go as far as saying that he inspired other people to be the best they could be, and he did it all through leading by example.

Friends and fans Alike

Even individuals that didn’t know him personally could see his immense dedication. He always had a tendency to tell his fans that as long as they were willing to put in the work and remain dedicated in their quest, they could achieve their dreams, too. He wanted to help people understand that playing on stage is not just for a select few. In fact, it is for anyone who is willing to put in the time and the effort to make those types of things happen. Whenever he played, he never just played and then walked off stage. Instead, he always used it as something of a teaching session for other people, a way to inspire others to follow their dreams and do their best.

The Reality of Achieving a Dream

Of course, any type of dream also requires a great deal of hard work. It isn’t enough to merely have a dream or to sit around thinking about it all day. In order to achieve those dreams, a person has to set realistic goals and then work tirelessly to achieve those goals. Once they have acquired the original goals, they can then set something that is more challenging, slowly working their way up the ladder until they get where they truly want to be. This is something that David Z realized early on. It is also something that he worked very hard to teach others. Everything comes at a price. For people that want to be great musicians, there is a necessity to dedicate their time and talent in order to become better and better. Very few people are able to Simply pick up a guitar and start playing it. The rest of the world has to work at it just like they work at everything else. David Z served as a constant reminder to individuals that superhuman talent isn’t necessary in order to achieve one’s dreams. The only thing that is required is it Clear vision and the determination to get there. To this day, both current musicians and those who hope to be in the future are still inspired by not only his talent, but the way that he lived his life. It is extremely unfortunate that his life was cut short but it is equally important to remember that he did have the opportunity to do the things that he wanted to do because he seized every opportunity and made the most of it. This is something that he wanted everyone else to learn. His legacy lives on because there are countless numbers of musicians out there today who wouldn’t be where they are without his inspiration. Furthermore, there is no doubt that he will continue to inspire people through videos of past performances.

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