Corey Taylor Spoke About His Hiphop, Punk and Classical Music Talent

Corey Taylor spoke to Australian Guitar about his ‘CMFT‘ album released in October.

He is the vocalist and songwriter for SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR. In fact, it is a name among the legends of the rock and metal genre. But this time he came back with ‘CMFT’. This was Corey Taylor’s first solo album. The album was recorded at Studio Hideout, under the Roadrunner brand, and released on October 2. The album, which lasts about 50 minutes, consists of 13 songs and a bonus track. The album is a solo album, but the song CMFT Must Be Stopped is a featuring song with Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie, the famous names of the hip-hop world. This brings the album to a quite different genre.

Asked why this CMFT album is different from ‘Corey Taylor’s style’, Corey said: “If I was going to do a solo album, I wanted it to represent a whole different part of my musical prowess, and songwriting talent.” Also, he enjoys writing and singing punk, hip-hop, and classical music.

He also added the following: “So if I was going to do a solo album, I didn’t want it to feel like either of my other band. There would have been no point if I was going to do that, you know?

This is a very bold approach and it is also due to the good reactions to the album.

As a matter of fact, most of the songs are not new, as Corey Taylor said. Songs that have been planned and written for 20 years. We understand here that Corey Taylor has always had a desire to make this solo album and try out different styles.

When interviewing asked about the success and feelings of the album, Corey said; “If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it wholeheartedly.”

His only goal was to get people to say “HOLY SH*T”, Corey Taylor said. I think he achieved it.

Chart Corey Taylor Performance for CMFT (17.12.2020)

  • US Top Rock Albums: 6th Position
  • Australian Albums (ARIA): 8th Position
  • Canadian Albums (Billboard): 46th Position
  • Dutch Albums (Album Top 100): 62nd Position
  • German Albums: 9th Position

You can listen to the “CMFT Must Be Stopped” song featuring Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie below.

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