The 10 Best Jo Dee Messina Songs of All-Time

Jo Dee Messina

Jo Dee Messina is a well-known country singer, having released multiple albums since 1997. She has hit the top of the charts all over the country with songs like “My Give A Damn’s Busted.” The title track from her third album, “Burn,” became so popular it was featured in NASCAR broadcasts for two years. Jo Dee Messina’s success in country music is not without her detractors. She has been criticized for her use of choreography during performances. Some critics also believe that Jo Dee Messina’s songs are more pop than country. Even if you don’t like Jo Dee Messina, though, there is no denying some of the power some of her numbers have. There are several widely popular songs she has released, and some that aren’t as well-known but still deserve a listen if you’re a fan of country music. To rank Jo Dee Messina’s songs, we considered all of her singles and album tracks. The list is based on their commercial success, impact on country music, and personal opinion. Many people would agree that the top ten best Jo Dee Messina songs are:

10. You’re Not in Kansas Anymore (1996)


Jo Dee Messina first hit the country music scene with her debut album, “I’m Alright.” The single from that first album was a new version of a song initially on her independent release. When it comes to deciding what makes a song good enough to be included in this top ten list, the originality and impact of the music are essential and its popularity. “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore” first appeared on Jo Dee Messina’s first album and was re-released to even more success the second time around.

9. Stand Beside Me (1998)


Another single from Jo Dee Messina’s debut album, “Stand Beside Me”, was one of the number one country songs of 1998. It was also featured on NASCAR broadcasts for two years. The song reflects how hard-working women are often seen in society, but it also gives them the credit they deserve by saying that they’re “stronger than you think.” The song also features background vocals from Terri Clark, a country singer in her own right.

8. A Woman’s Rant (2014)


Jo Dee Messina released her latest album in 2014, and the title track is one of the most powerful she has ever recorded. It’s a woman’s rant against men who don’t respect them or appreciate them for all they do. The song was so popular that it reached number nineteen on the country music charts, making it Jo Dee Messina’s highest-charting single in nearly a decade.

7. I’m Alright (1998)


Jo Dee Messina’s debut single was the title track from her first album, and it reached number one on the Top 40 country charts. It also won a Grammy, and Jo Dee Messina received a nomination for an Academy of Country Music Award. Though none of the singles released after this song could replicate its success, they did become famous in their own right.

6. My Give a Damn’s Busted (2005)


Jo Dee Messina has always had an edgier sound than some other female singers in the industry. “My Give a Damn’s Busted” is one of her most beloved songs because it is so different from anything else popular at the time. It became popular quickly, reaching number three on the charts and staying there for nearly two months. The song was also one of the most played songs on country radio in 2005.

5. Lesson in Leavin (1998)


Released in 1998, this song was Jo Dee Messina’s second number one hit and made it to number two on the Top 40 charts. It also went Platinum and is considered one of her most famous singles by music fans. The song became very popular around Valentine’s Day and even inspired a book by the same title (though it’s a work of fiction).

4. Bye Bye (1998)


In another 1998 release, this song was a Top 10 hit and reached number two on the country charts. In addition to being one of Jo Dee Messina’s most popular singles, it also scored her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Its playful lyrics and catchy melody have made “Bye Bye” one of the best songs of Jo Dee Messina’s illustrious career.

3. Burn (2000)


Another chart-topper, “Burn“, was popular on several charts, including the Hot 100 and Top 40. It also earned Jo Dee Messina a Grammy nomination for Best Female Vocal Performance and later earned her an award from Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) for one million spins. ” Burn ” ‘s success helped boost sales of some of Jo Dee Messina’s earlier albums, which had been out of print for a while.

2. Heads Carolina, Tails California (1996)


Released in 1996, this song was Jo Dee Messina’s debut single, and it was an instant success. It went number one on the Top 40 charts while also reaching number two on country music charts. “Heads Carolina, Tails California” broke records when it became the longest-charting single by a female country singer without ever falling out of the Top 40. It earned Jo Dee Messina several awards in 1996, including an Academy of Country Music Award for New Female Vocalist and a BMI award for most played country song of the year.

1. Bring on the Rain (2000)


“Bring on the Rain” is not only Jo Dee Messina’s best song; it’s also one of the best songs to come from a female country singer. It topped charts and earned her several awards, including an Academy of Country Music Award for “Song of the Year” and a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Performance. The song tells a story about a woman tired of being poorly treated by her man and decides to leave him. In the end, she ends up fighting back the tears when he begs for her to stay. “Bring on the Rain” has been covered by several other artists, including Kelly Clarkson and LeAnn Rimes. It’s been called “the ultimate breakup song” and “Jo Dee’s masterpiece.” In the words of The Boot, “Bring on the Rain” is a song you’ll be singing in your head for days.


Jo Dee Messina is best known for her gritty style and empowering lyrics. She’s had many hits over the years, including “My Give a Damn’s Busted,” “Bye Bye,” and her most famous song, “Bring on the Rain.” Her pieces are worthy of praise; they’re all very well written, and they never disappoint. Jo Dee Messina has been a prominent figure in country music since she debuted more than 20 years ago, establishing herself as an artist who will be remembered for a long time to come.

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