Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo thinks the internet would scarify the band

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo does not think the internet would like the band back early on, in fact, it would “destroy” them.

With the internet such an indispensable part of our lives, many people share their opinions on it. However, those opinions are not too moderate. Nowadays, people are not that concerned about being moderate while criticizing someone or something, and this makes the internet a wild place.

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo talked about this. Taking into account that the internet either praises or hates a band, he mentioned Slayer would be destroyed back in the day. Here is the latest interview of Dave Lombardo:

Dave Lombardo does not think the internet would love Slayer:

“If the Internet existed back when Slayer released their very first album, we would have been destroyed.”

After mentioning his thoughts about what the public would think, Dave Lombardo shared some advice. He thinks bands should not care about the public’s opinion that much. “It had our stamp of approval,” he said about their own music, emphasizing the importance of the bands’ own opinion.

“So, today, these days, you have to go with the approach of how we did it back then — we didn’t care. We thought it was heavy, we thought it was brutal and evil. It was dark. It had a certain feel to it. And it made all of us happy. It had our stamp of approval.”

He urged the new musicians to adopt a mindset like that. Dave Lombardo also mentioned the importance of caring for your own opinions again. That’s for the sake of growth, he said.

“And another thing is bands that feel, ‘Oh, no. Our fans won’t go for that, because our fans only like us to do this style,'” he said. “Well, then there’s no growth. You’re gonna grow stagnant. It’s just not gonna evolve if you don’t venture out and try new things.”

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