The 10 Best Marc Anthony Songs of All Time

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony released his first studio album (a collaborative album with Little Louie Vega) in 1991. Since then, the singer has sold over 12 million albums worldwide and received 3 Grammy Awards for his music. Marc Anthony is not just a musician; he’s also an actor, winning 2 Emmy awards for Best Latin American Music Performing Artist Award. He has worked alongside famous personalities such as Jennifer Lopez (his ex-wife) and Cameron Diaz. Marc Anthony’s songs have been a hit in the Latin American market and countries such as Indonesia and India. Although Marc Anthony has released albums in both English and Spanish, such as his 2010 English album “Icono” and 2002 Spanish album “Mended,” he is mainly known for his music in the Latin American industry.

10. Hasta Que Te Conocí (from Album Ostra Nota — 1993)


This song was originally released in 1983 by Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. However, Marc Anthony’s version of the song managed to hit the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs. It was Marc Anthony’s first-ever recorded Salsa song. The Juan Gabriel version of the song was already a hit, but Marc Anthony transformed it into a nightclub anthem for Latin Americans, kickstarting his career as a Salsa artist. You have to be a salsero to enjoy this song; otherwise, skip to the next track.

9. I’ve Got You (from Album Mended– 2002)


Marc Anthony released “I’ve Got You” in his sixth studio album, “Mended.” It was his second English album, with the first being his 1999 self-titled album, “Marc Anthony.” The album became an instant hit, charting within 50 in more than seven countries. He would also release a Spanish version of the song, “Te Tengo Aquí,” for the album.

8. Valio la pena (from Album “Valio La Pena” — 2004)


In 2004, Marc decided to rerecord his entire seventh studio album and create a salsa version. Valio La Pena resulted from all that effort, and it’s nothing short of a salsa classic. The album would win numerous awards, including being nominated for the Latin Grammy awards for the best Salsa album of 2005. Suffice it to say that Valio La Pena has become synonymous with Marc Anthony and has grown to be one of the most recognized salsa songs globally, even by non-salseros.

7. Don’t Let Me Leave (from the album “Marc Anthony,” – 1999)


The Marc Anthony self-titled album was recorded for English listeners. It contains mostly R&B songs. However, the album’s singles were commercially huge, earning numerous awards for Marc Anthony. “Don’t Let Me Leave” is catchy, upbeat, and one of Marc Anthony’s most successful English songs of all time. Think Marc at his most romantic, and what you get is this song.

6. Remember me (from the album “Marc Anthony,” — 1999)


Remember Me is another English song by Marc Anthony, but with a Latin touch to it. It’s slow, sad, romantic yet at the same time cheerful. The song reeks of sadness underlined with hope and love, even if it’s just for a moment. Lyrically, it’s one of Marc Anthony’s best songs yet. It has the same effect as Richard Marx’s 1987 hit song “Right Here Waiting.”

5. Make it with You (from the album “Otra Nota,” – 1993)


Although it’s not a salsa song per se, “Make it With You” proves that Marc Anthony can sing romantic songs while still making them sound unique. It’s a pop ballad with a hint of salsa in the background, but it is primarily a love song that all can enjoy. Marc Anthony not only sang this song but also composed it. It’s not a very popular song, but it is one of his best.

4. Tragedy (from the album “Mended” – 2002)


You can tell Marc Anthony was experimenting with something different when he sang “Tragedy” for his Mended album. The song blends disco with pop-salsa to create a unique sound that only Marc Anthony could pull off. It’s one of his catchiest songs, and it has a very interesting music video to boot. The track became an instant hit with Latin fans, despite not being a salsa song.

3. I Need You (from the album “Mended” — 2002)


“I Need You” was written by Cory Rooney, who has worked with stars like Christina Aguilera, NSYNC, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears. Marc Anthony was impressed by the song after hearing it during a meeting with Rooney in 2001. He did not hesitate to record it for his Mended album. The track works well with Marc Anthony’s voice, creating an interesting blend of R&B and salsa.

2. Vivir mi Vida (from album “3.0” – 2013)


Vivir Mi Vida was composed and arranged by Khaled, with collaboration from RedOne, Alex Papaconstantinou, Björn Djupström, and Bilal Hajji. Marc would cover it as a salsa tune, releasing it as the lead single for his eleventh studio album, “3.0.” Sergio George produced the song. In 2013, Anthony would perform it at the Latin Billboard music awards. Marc would also produce a pop version of the piece using Khaled’s original instrumental. This version is also added to the album (track no. 10).

1. You Sang to Me (from the album “Marc Anthony” – 2009)


The song was written by Marc Anthony, along with Cory Rooney. It was the theme for Marc’s 2009 album “Marc Anthony,” recorded in English with a Latin twist to it. In the lyrics, Marc pours his heart out to a girl that he loved and lost. You can feel his pain through every word sung in the song. That is Marc Anthony’s best English song because it deserves to be. Like most of his previous English singles, Marc also wrote a Spanish version of the song, “Muy Dentro de mi,” not included in the album’s first edition. The song peaked at No. 2 in the Billboard Hot 100, barred from the number one spot by Santana’s Maria Maria. In one of his interviews, Marc revealed that he wrote the song for his then-friend Jenifer Lopez, whom he would marry a few years later.

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