The 10 Best Christina Aguilera Songs of All-Time

Christina Aguilera

Although she joined the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, Christina Aguilera isn’t known for her time on the show as much as her fearless exploration of more adult topics after leaving the show. Christina’s risque reinvention of her look and bold takes on subjects like abuse and sexuality earned her a massive following. Here are the top ten best Christina Aguilera songs of all time from her power ballads to her more risque work.

10. Tell Me (With Diddy)


Tell Me is a modern duet and a song of noncommital seduction. Watching Diddy and Christina work together with their obvious chemistry and exceptional talent is a pleasure. This song might get lumped in with lovesongs, but it’s not. Everything about Tell Me is purely sensual. Released in 2006, this is one duet that’s a little bit slept on, but you can tell they worked well together, even if, as the song implies, nothing came of it afterward.

9. Hurt


In the video for Hurt, Aguilera sports a Marilyn Monroe-inspired look that suits her. Love and loss are popular topics for songs. However, not all songs truly let you connect to that sense of pain. Hurt is a superb song, and Christina puts her heart and soul into this rendition. Anyone who’s ever felt the keen sting of loss needs this in their sad songs collection.

8. Feel This Moment (With Pitbull)


This song was the fourth track on Pitbull’s Global Warming album. However, Christina also did a solo version of Feel This Moment, which is unusual. According to Secondhand Songs, she contributed to the writing, so it makes more sense. Nevertheless, Feel This Moment is an outstanding song about capturing a special occasion and the feeling that comes with it on the way to stardom. The singer realizes that they haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of their career but refuses to allow that to take away from their early triumphs.

7. Say Something (With Great Big World)


The 2014 release of Say Something is a sharp contrast to much of Christina’s other work. This slow, mournful piano ballad is about love and loss, but not the same way as Hurt. In this song, the singer breaks up with a lover and implores them to ‘say something’ before giving up completely. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can say when a relationship is over that will salvage it. Feelings of loss and failure permeate this lovely, sad tune.

6. I Turn To You


It’s a very first-world problem to feel alone at the top, but musicians and performers often face that reality. If the Free Britney movement has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know what’s going on in the lives of stars. However, I Turn To You is Aguilera’s ode to gratitude. Everything about this song says that having one person to trust and turn to in any situation can make all the difference.

5. Beautiful


Critically acclaimed Beautiful was the second single off Stripped; this song is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Long before Meghan Trainor smashed it out of the park with the self-love anthem All About That Bass, Christina was singing this song of self-acceptance. While some naysayers sneered at the idea of an attractive young woman questioning herself this way, it’s all too common and incredibly relatable to women of all shapes and sizes.

4. Moves Like Jagger (With Maroon 5)


We know they call Britney Spears the Princess of Pop, but Christina is also undeniably responsible for the revival of teen pop music in the same timeframe. Moves Like Jagger perfectly suits Aguilera’s status as a pop icon. She definitely has ‘the moves like Jagger’, and Maroon 5 could not have picked a better partner for this well-loved song if they tried. Not only did this hit play worldwide on the radio, but it also made appearances elsewhere. At the height of its popularity in 2012, the musical TV show Glee did a dance number that was a mashup of Jumpin Jack Flash and Moves Like Jagger.

3. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)


Come On Over Baby was the fourth single on Christina’s self-titled debut album, Christina Aguilera, in 1999. Additionally, this was her third song to reach number one on the Billboard charts for four weeks, so naturally, we had to give it a spot in the top three. Moreover, this song was in the top 100 for a staggering twenty-one weeks. Plus, the music is certified gold, with over half a million albums sold. The video for Come On Over Baby remains one of Aguilera’s most famous of all time, and the song was even adapted into Spanish.

2. Genie In A Bottle


You can’t mention Christina Aguilera without talking about Genie In A Bottle. This surprisingly saucy song received rave reviews from the minute it hit the airwaves. People were shocked, and some conservatively outraged, when the former Disney kid put this track on her debut album. However, it was a superb foreshadowing of things to come. Not only does the song tackle teen sexuality very openly, but it also talks about self-respect without allowing either topic to negate the other. Genie In A Bottle also beat Come On Over Baby by taking the number one spot for five weeks, the most of any song that year.

1. What A Girl Wants


What A Girl Wants is the third number-one billboard hit from Christina’s debut album. While she has made tons of fantastic music over the years, the absolute smash hits from her debut are a massive part of how she got where she is today. Like the other number one hits in the top three, this song was adapted to Spanish for her second album. Not only did this song top the charts Nationally, but it also made the top in Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and Spain. Unsurprisingly, it earned gold certification in several countries, making What A Girl Wants one of Christina’s most commercially successful songs of all time.

Final Thoughts

For over two decades, Christina Agulera has been bringing us beautiful songs and visually stunning videos. With her recent performance at Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, Christina has been in the news and back at her old stomping grounds. If you missed the chance to catch her live, this list of her hits should give you plenty to reminisce about.

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