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For some people, waking up in the morning can prove to be very tough, especially if you had a late night. However, having the right music playlist to start off your day helps set the tone for the rest of your day and even increases your productivity. Bigtop40 has proven that waking up to songs with a strong beat, positive message, and slow build will help you wake up in a happy mood. Are you rethinking your alarm choices? Then, here are some of the 10 good songs to wake up to make your morning a bit brighter:

10. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ By The Beatles

The song ‘Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles is considered by many to be the perfect morning song. This track was recorded in 1969 and featured on their Abbey Road album. This is the quintessential song to wake up with a bright smile. Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s soothing voices and lyrics will give you a positive outlook on your day. During an interview, Harrison claimed that he wrote the song on a day he was not feeling like doing work and was feeling relief at the onset of spring. The song’s joyful lyrics and sweet sound are a sure promise that good things are coming. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is the perfect song for a slower-paced and more relaxed start to your morning.

9. ‘Walking On Sunshine,’ By Katrina And The Waves

The song ‘Walking on Sunshine is a classic 80s jam that will have you up and awake within no time. The track also has catchy lyrics and tunes that will certainly make you want to sing along. This song was recorded in 1983 and is still considered one of the best to be released in the early 1980s. Like modern music, often relatable, ‘Walking on Sunshine is a hit song about how wonderful love can make you feel. Rise and shine as you sing all your troubles away with this romantic and joyful hit song.

8. ‘Brave,’ By Sara Bareilles

Do you often feel like the underdog, or maybe you want to ask your boss for a raise but lack the courage? Or simply have to face a strict manager? Then, you should include the song ‘Brave’ into your morning playlist. This track is a song of affirmation and will give you the needed strength to get through the different challenges in life. Sara delivers a powerful vocal performance on this track with her sweet yet powerful vocals. This song is featured on her fourth album, The Blessed Unrest. This song mainly talks about freely opening up and being yourself despite the different challenges you face in life.

7. ‘Shake It Off,’ By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter best known for making songs about revenge. This is seen in her song ‘Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, a powerful reminder that you can never please everybody and have to rise above negative people. This is the ideal morning track to help start your day in a positive mood, leaving a lack of self-confidence and negativity behind you. The song ‘Shake It Off was released in 2014 and is featured on the studio album 1989.

6. ‘Viva La Vida,’ By Coldplay

In some cases, it is not the lyrics but the sound that makes a track great. For instance, the song ‘Viva La Vida’ has a good beat that will leave you dancing as you prepare for the day ahead. Coldplay is popularly known for releasing great hits; this song is no exception. While this track has taken on a different meaning from band members, it generally means ‘long live life.’

5. ‘Wake Me Up,’ By Avicii

Do you love listening to dance music? Then, you should listen to the song ‘Wake Me Up by Avicii. This track has catchy lyrics and tunes that will have you dancing along, making it the perfect morning song. According to Music Grotto, Avicii was a songwriter and DJ from Sweden who was better known for making catchy dance music hits throughout his career. The song ‘Wake Me Up’ was recorded in 2018, the same year the artist took his own life.

4. ‘Roar,’ By Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known as Katy Perry, is an American songwriter, singer, and TV judge. She is best known for influencing pop music in the 21st century. The hit song ‘Roar’ was recorded in 2013 and featured on her album Prism.’ This track is the perfect song to listen to in the morning to help you prepare for the different challenges life throws.

3. ‘Three Little Birds,’ by Bob Marley and The Wailers

The legendary reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley has a way of putting his audience at ease with his soothing yet motivating vocals. The song ‘Three Little Birds’ reminds you to stop worrying about things beyond your control because everything will be okay. This is the ultimate feel-good song that should be part of your morning playlist. Recorded by Bob Marley and The Wailers in the late 1970s and featured on their album Exodus,’ this is a true classic jam that will help you chase the blues away.

2. ‘Beautiful Day,’ By U2

The song ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 is a song that mainly talks about finding beauty and joy in everything around the globe and being inspired to be a better person in society. The British band U2 is known for releasing catchy and uplifting songs that will leave you pumped up for the day. ‘Beautiful Day’ was released in 2000 and is considered one of the band’s biggest song releases.

1.’Happy,’ By Pharrell Williams

According to Oprah Daily, the song ‘Happy,’ by Pharrell Williams is the ultimate-feel good song to get you started in the morning. The song was recorded in 2013 and was featured on a solo debut album titled ‘Happy.’ This song will certainly have you singing and dancing along whether you want to or not.

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